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Want to buy Junk Jewellery at Cheap Price?

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Perfect Places for Junk Jewellery

In early times people were more into wearing gold, bronze, copper and silver jewellery. But in this era where fashion and style statement changes in a faster way, ladies are changing their taste too.

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Now you can observe that even the cool Grannies, College Girls, Working Mothers carry themselves in junk jewellery because they are in fashion now. But there are certain shops/markets where the shopkeepers charge you with the unnecessary price.

So this article is going to help you trace out 5 places in Delhi where you can buy this beautiful and trending junk jewellery at cheap prices.

1. Janpath

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Cheap shopping, these magical words can drive every girl crazy. And Janpath is known for that be it clothing, footwear or regarding accessories you want to grab.

You can buy junk jewellery beginning from 50 rupees (Earrings) and 100 – 150 for Neckpieces.

So get going girls just practice your bargaining skills and sweep the market.

2. Dilli Haat

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This is one of the perfect hubs for junk jewellery. Actually not only for this purpose you can also buy bags, clothes, crockery, home decorating stuff, footwear and many more.

You might find the clothes a bit expensive but they are available to you at a feasible price. But always remember to bargain and definitely you might get a 200 rupees prices earring in just 100 rupees.

3. Pahar Ganj

Image: https://www.dfordelhi.in

This was known as the market of the Mughal Era. You can enjoy a whole of accessories to adorn your beauty in vivid colors and shapes and that too in a very reasonable price.

And in this market, you can find a whole lot of foreigners flushing in. So naturally, the price for them would be 10 times high than they cost you.

But always try to boast off your bargaining skills and fill your bags that satisfy your thirst.

4. Chandni Chowk

Image: https://www.dfordelhi.in

Next, on our list, we have Chandni Chowk, it is also marked as one of the busiest and biggest wholesale markets in India.

So this means you can grab a whole lot of things in just cheap prices. It is one of the best places to purchase clothes, accessories, bags, antiques at very reasonable prices.

So think for yourselves do you want to spend your entire savings on a branded shop or kept half of the money in your pocket and get the same stuff from here?

And there are many youngsters who come and purchase junk jewellery from here.

5. Sarojini Nagar

Image: https://www.youtube.com

You all must have wondered that why on earth is Sarojini Nagar kept at last. Always remember that best is kept for last that can actually blow your mind and Sarojini Nagar market is one such place.

They are the ultimate home for junk jewellery and clothing at the very cheapest price possible on earth and I am sure that everyone can relate to me at this point.

Where you can get earrings at just 30 or 50 rupees and neck pieces at just 100 or 150 and that too spectacular ones, and if you visit any sophisticated shop you will see that the same junk jewellery is out there for 400 or 500 rupees.

So don’t miss the chance young ladies go and shop.











5 Ways to carry your Natural Beauty



"Natural", this term has met oblivion. In today's world natural means makeup. While going to college or work you have puffed your faces with foundation, blusher, lipstick etc. thinking that these things would help you reveal your beauty.

Whosoever thinks this way is utterly mistaken, to carry on with the natural beauty you just have to do a bit of renovation in your daily routines, which are very easy to follow and less of hard work.

So let's look through those simple 5 steps that could help you gain back your natural beauty:

5 Homely Ways to Remove Tan

1. Drink Natural

Image: http://www.mybighornbasin.com

By saying drink natural I mean to say avoid artificial and shake hands with natural that is water. Whenever we are out rather than buying the water we end up buying carbonated drinks. And we all love them because of its sweetened taste.

But unfortunately, these carbonated drinks put an adverse effect on our health and gifts us with break out on our faces as pimples.

So to avoid that fuss remember to consume at least 8 glasses of water a day if your body remains hydrated your face tends to look livelier and free from outbreaks.

2. Don't Change Products

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In the world there 2 types of customers:

1. Who stick on to their old products and

2. The ones who tend to keep on changing their products when something is new in the market.

So this point is for the second type of customers because they keep on changing their products. If you repeatedly change your beauty products like cream, lotion etc you yourself are destroying your face.

Choose the products wisely according to your skin type use it day and night, it would surely bring a change but if you keep on changing you will face severe problems like pimples, blemishes etc.

3. Yes to Sunscreen

Image: http://www.worthview.com

During summers sunscreens are must, because in the sunrays it contains harmful UV Rays that causes pigmentation, skin cancer and premature aging of the skin which you definitely would not want to face at such an early age.

Even the dermatologists recommend that whichever sunscreen you are using it must be of at least SPF 30.

And applying the sunscreen only once is not enough; even after bathing or any perspiring activity apply it liberally on sun exposure regions.

4. Massage Everyday

Image: http://hgkosmetiks.com

Yes, this is one of the most basic and helpful things that you could do to your skin. Either apply a lotion or use coconut oil on your face for massaging purpose, this helps in moisturizing your skin.

And additional benefits are it helps in skin tightening, eradicate the appearance of fine lines and give your face a more radiant look. And it also helps in better blood circulation too.

So every day at least have 15 minutes kept aside for face massage.

5. Clean your Makeup before Sleep

Image: http://www.thesoulstyle.com

Now, this is very important, for suppose you went to a party yesterday night and when you were back home you didn't bother to clean your face and just slept.

Now when you wake up in the morning, there are chances of you waking up with small outbreaks on your face. All this happened to one mistake is that you slept without removing your makeup.

So always remember to remove your makeup, be it kajal or liner on your eyes just clean them off and then have a peaceful sleep.

To know more click on: https://www.stylecraze.com/articles/simple-tips-to-look-beautiful-without-makeup/#gref







Surprising Hobbies Of 8 Successful Women


Hobbies are something which we all have and pursue. Hobbies are the one that cuts us of from our daily humdrum. Here are some of the successful women and the hobbies that they possess.

1. Oprah Winfrey throws fundraisers. 


She is famous for throwing fundraisers for candidates from Obama to congressional candidates to a 21-year-old Stanford graduate who ran for city council in Stockton, California in 2012.

2. Jennifer Garner plays the saxophone: 


Jennifer Garner loves to play the saxophone in her free times. She has been playing this amazing device since she was a kid.

3. Zendaya is a U.N. AIDS ambassador: 


She is well known for speaking out against bias or inequality. She is a U.N. AIDS ambassador and in one of her video, she is talking about why more young people should get involved.

4. Zaide Smith loves dancing when she is not writing: 


Zaide smith loves dancing when she is not writing. Dancing is her favourite way of decompressing herself. She has taken the tap dancing lessons when she was a kid.

5. Laila Ali writes cookbooks: 


The undefeated boxer has become increasing outspoken about healthy eating in the last few years, especially given the often questionable diets of professional boxers. This year, she released a cookbook called food for life complete with recipes she cooks for her family at home.

6. Mary-Kate Olsen competes in equestrian tournaments: 


Olsen has been competing in show jumping since 2013 at the Hampton Classic.

7. Roxane Gay plays competitive scrabble: 


In fact, one of her essays in bad feminist centres on her passion for those wood-letter words. But really, it's for 2014 interview she did with mother jones that caught our eye, in which she said one of her best words played was "gestate."

8. Kat Von D does literally does everything: 


She hasn't had a television in two decades and prefers to spend her time cultivating countless hobbies from playing music to drawing. As Von D. explains to the gloss, "my living room has pianos and stuff, ghetto ones and all fancy ones...I have instruments...my art room has a bunch of paper and pencils and I am just constantly creating. I garden a lot. I am completely imbalanced, which makes for a good artist, I guess. I don't have much of a social life, everything is really structured, and I work really well with that...for me, I live and breathe creating. That's what I am madly in love with and I have always have been. That's how I do it."


6 Motivating TED Talks From Women On Top


TED talks have been a great source of inspiration. Eminent personalities talk about their rules, experiences and everything. Here are the 6 TED talks from the powerful women around the world on a variety of issues.



If you are someone who is trying it difficult to keep balance in your work and personal life, then this ted talk is for you. Leila Hoteit teaches a three-step technique on how to become your own role modal and find that control and balance. Whether you want to make progress in the career or day to day life, this talk is for you.



Women empowerment advocate and COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, explains how implementing confidence, equality and vulnerability in your career moves you towards the leadership role you deserve.



Luvvie Ajayi, a self- proclaimed troublemaker, talks about her mission to leave the world better than we found it. In this honest, energizing talk, she highlights how confronting your fears can empower your life's path.



The pay gap thing is real and women have started speaking up on this issue. Pricing consultant Casey Brown guides us in how to clearly define and communicate our value and take steps towards being paid well.



Minda Dentler shares her own experiences and shows how the power of positive self-talk attitude can get you to your goals. She proves that you are capable to conquer your goals, even if you are against all odds.

The final showdown – FIFA WORLD CUP 2018


FIFA World Cup 2018 has been one of the most unpredictable tournaments ever. This has truly been the show of the dark horses. With just a final match between the new world champions.

Out of the 32 teams, the only remainings are The Blues and The Blazers. In a world cup where a low ranking team like Russia defeats the star team Spain, anything can happen!

Let's check out the stats for both the time:

The favorites, France or The Blues:

France entered the World cup 2018 with the odds of 5:1 of winning the tournament. It has been 2 decades since their first and last world cup. Now they are just 1 match away from winning it again. Let's take a quick look at the team.

⊕ Defense: 

With Captain Hugo Lloris as the last line of French defense and Real Madrid's Rafeal Varane and Barcelona star Samuel Umtiti in the center defense, France does have an edge in terms of stopping the ball.

⊕ Midfield:  

France has found one of the best defensive midfielders in N'Golo Kante alongside the Manchester United Star Midfielder, Paul Pogba. This gives them a deadly combination in the midfield.

⊕ Attack:

The French attack has fierce speed and accuracy due to the likes of young star Kylian Mbappe, Oliver Giroud, and Starman Antoine Griezmann.

When the speed and creativity of the prodigy Kylian Mbappe and the experience of veterans like Antoine Griezmann, Hugo Lloris, and Samuel Umtiti, France are the favorites for the title. And rightly so, they have played brilliantly and managed to thrash out the likes of:

♦ Argentina (4-3)
♦ Uruguay (2-0)
♦ Belgium (1-0)

This is the result when you combine them all together.

♣ The underdogs, Croatia or The Blazers:

No one would have thought that a team which participated in the World Cup with the odds of 60:1 of winning the title will actually make it to the finals. But ladies and gentlemen, The Blazers have exceeded everyone's expectations and made it to their first ever finals.

⊗ Defence: 

Monaco's Goalkeeper, Danijel Subasic is a good stopper. But when you compare him with the French captain, Hugo Lloris is in a class of his own. Dejan Lovren is the only top defender that Croatia has in its arsenal. The rest of the Croatian defense is not bad by any means, but the French are just faster and better.

⊗ Midfield (Especially Attacking Midfield):

Real Madrid's Star playmaker and Captian, Luka Modric along with Barcelona's Ivan Rakitic pair up to give Croatia one of the best attacking midfield. When compared with the French attacking midfield, this is the zone where Croatia has the edge.

⊗ Attack: 

Mario Mandzukic's ability to pass through defenders and get into the attacking zone is the reason why Croatia made the comeback against England in the semifinals. Inter Milan star, Ivan Perisic is also the name that the French defense has in mind as they know giving him space could make a big difference.

They have managed to win in the extra time of all the three knockout matches. If this was not enough, in the group stages, they have defeated the last world cup's runner-ups Argentina with 3-0.

On paper, the French team looks stronger but the way Modric's Croatia has beaten the odds against them proves that this finale will be a treat to watch for the football fans.

So what will it be? Will the Blues get their 2nd World cup after 1998 or will the world get its new champions in Croatia?

Find it out on the 15th of July. Oh, by the way, who are you supporting? The favorites or the underdogs?

This is the 4th article of the FIFA World Cup series. Check out the previous articles here:





Going out for a party or college? Handbag is necessary. Right? everyday in morning we have to take a tough decision i.e. what to put in our purse ? Handbag is like your life so it has all the things you need in an emergency .
I know the list of essentials will be different for everyone but here are 4 essentials that i think, a girl should never leave home without :-

Its necessary as you never know what is going to happen . You can get wet in a rain or you could have to go out in a surprise party .

You don't want to get out of your home without three things: cash, card , keys . With these you can buy what you forget & can come back home again at the end of the day .

You can not get out without your life i.e. your smart phone . it can give you everything at the tip of your finger. Its necessary to keep up with all the day's news and gossips .

At the point of day, your perfume wears off. So, keep a bottle of perfume in your purse. so you can use , whenever you need it.

8 Ways To Decorate Your Hostel Room On Budget



4 Must Watch Sports Anime


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Are you a sports fan? And are you an anime fan too? If yes, then these are Sports Anime you must definitely watch.

1. Haikyuu!!

One of the best Volley Ball anime’s of all time, Haikyuu showcases the story of Hinata Shouyo as he aspires to be a little giant in the field of volleyball. Though short in height, Hinata is determined to play volleyball as he thinks his ability to jump will pave his way to success. After his defeat at the hands of Tobio Kageyama, also known as the King of the Court, in middle school, Hinata vows to enter a high school with a good volleyball team and defeat Kageyama, only to find out that Kageyama has also joined the same school and volleyball team that he has joined. Haikyuu is one the anime that takes audience by surprise, not knowing what will be the next outcome and also depicts that true success cannot be achieved in sports without teamwork and trust.

2. Kuroko No Basket

Basketball has always been a very popular and widespread sport. But Kuroko No Basket takes Basketball to a whole new level where players have superhuman strengths and techniques you have never witnessed before. Consisting of five incredibly skilled players, the “Generation Of Miracles” was once an undefeatable team in the Teiko Middle School. But as time passed, these players chose their separate ways into different High Schools, in order to find out who among is the best when they played against each other. But few people noticed there was a 6th player that was part of this generation. His name: Tetsuya Kuroko. He is now part of the Seirin High School basketball team with the naturally talented player Taiga Kagami, and they are planning to defeat every member of this legendary generation.

3. Hajime No Ippo

Makunouchi Ippo was bullied his entire life and made to do tasks he never really wanted to do. He was a weakling with no self confidence. Busy with helping his mother with her work, he had no time to make friends or hang out with anyone. But once, while getting bullied, a young man showed up to his rescue. He beat the hell out of the bullies, and took Ippo to a Boxing Jim. From there on wards starts Ippo’s journey and his immense struggle to become a Boxing Champion. Hajime No Ippo is one of the best Boxing Anime as it shows how determination and will of a person to become stronger and achieve his goal can change his entire life.

4. Baby Steps

Baby Steps is an anime where an honours student, Maruo Eiichirou, picks up Tennis as a sport. Being a student with excellent academic standings, but no prior experience to storts or even physical training, Eiichirou tries hard to understand Tennis more in his own ways by taking notes and deducing methods, just like a typical honours student. But soon he learns the hard way that even physical abilities are required if he were to pursue Tennis and amins to become a Professional Tennis Player.

These are a few recommendations. Feel free to comment and suggest more anime so that we can get back with more sports anime.

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Is Menstruation still a Taboo in India?

Image: https://www.behance.net

Some called it Menstruation, Down, Illness and Periods. One thing different names, we tag ourselves as modern societies who has pursued the western culture – be it in living, clothing, speaking or entire lifestyle.

Image: https://www.storypick.com

But when it comes to Periods why aren’t we modern? Why can't we talk to the opposite sex about this problem? Why do we still have to carry the sanitary napkins underneath our shirts to the washroom when any male member is there in the house?

If we can be modern in the way we carry ourselves why can't we be open enough to the society while addressing this issue to a male or a female. Periods or Menstrual Cycle is common and natural for a female, then why to hide it like you have committed adultery?

Few girls even in this era don't feel comfortable to walk into the kitchen, Temples, Mosques or Churches, touch any Holy stuff be it your holy scripture (Quran, Bible, Geeta) kept at home.

But why is that so? Are they taught to do like this during their Menstural Cycle? Or is Periods taken up like a taboo that was followed since olden times?

In a study (2000 – 2015) done by Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), they found that taboos related to periods are still strong within the society. And they also suggested that most of the girls were not efficiently knowledgeable regarding Menstruation.

To know more click on: https://www.hindustantimes.com/mumbai-news/periods-still-a-taboo-in-indian-society-tiss-study/story-Dc5Muh2PWkJkbGg2j5DhWO.html

There are many more taboos associated with periods like:

Image: https://www.npr.org
  • In a few cultures, people advise the ladies to stay away from food articles that are being served for everyone and not to be in contact with anyone at home, be it your husband.
  • 70% of women in India still use a cloth to soak the blood flow rather than using sanitary napkins, because they are very costly.
  • During the stretch of the menstrual cycle (5 – 7 days) they are tagged as impure and filthy.
  • Ladies are not allowed to wash their hair during the first 2 days of their periods.
  • They are not allowed to enter the Holy place for attending the prayer meetings.

But not everyone follows these myths regarding periods, in the Kashmiri Hindu Tradition – if a lady is undergoing her periods she is taken care of because they become weak due to heavy blood loss.

Image: https://www.storypick.com

And in Sikhism, Guru Nanak himself was against the negative practices followed during menstruation.

To know more click on: https://www.storypick.com/menstruating-indian-woman/

But there are still places where women are still facing trouble while they are shedding blood, like a girl named Kamala in Nepal, because of the tradition named Chaupadi women are said to stay away from their house in a shed till they are undergoing periods.

They are taught that during their periods if they meet the people of their house they will become sick and along with that, she herself will be deformed because God will become angry because of this heinous act was done by her.

To know more click on: https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2015/10/17/449176709/horrible-things-happen-to-nepali-girls-when-they-menstruate-15girls




Text to Speech


This is the question that hits every graduate’s mind at least once. While some get into job, some opt for doing major in their respective subjects, and some just screw up their head pondering over multiple options that lie before them.

Doing an MBA is one of those options. MBA is a professional management degree course which specialize you in the particular fields of HR, Marketing, Finance, Sales and many others. But how to know if you are fit for an MBA? If that is what your problem is, then you have come at the right place. This article will help you know if doing an MBA would be worth it by explaining 5 must have traits. Get started.


Do you thrive under pressure? Do you think you can survive an insanely hectic schedule for two long years? If your answer is yes, then you are ready for the first challenge that an MBA offers. If handled properly, it can be an amazing learning experience, else it can turn into pain.


Have you ever felt like you are a manager and want to see yourself in a business suit in some MNC? Probably you have a fascination for MBA too. Do you like taking up leadership opportunities?  If you took any leadership role or similar responsibilities in undergrad, that can come handy while doing an MBA as it requires one to lead, manage and control a large group of people. You will need to hold your own among a group of  extremely smart and talented people and if that is your forte then you are a step ahead.


Having good communication skill is a must for an MBA as networking and connecting with people is one of the bigger aspects of doing an MBA. So if you love to communicate with people from various spheres of life and solve their problems then MBA might be the ‘thing’ for you.


Startup  in your mind? If you want to start your own enterprise then having an MBA might be beneficial for you. While there are tons of example of successful start-ups without an MBA , you will learn a great deal about business that may pose as a great help for you in future when you will have your own business to establish.


Do you dream about making a change for the betterment of mankind? Do you feel the urge to leave an impact on society? If you are passionate enough about the above mentioned points then get on board with other MBA aspirants. With an MBA, you will get a sea of opportunities to actually bring in a change and fulfill your dream.


If your answer is  ‘YES’  for most of the questions above, then you may consider doing an MBA. But it is only the initial step, the real challenge lies next as you have to prepare yourself for one of the most competitive exams of India where lacs of students appear. CAT,XAT,SNAP are the name of the few exams that offer the gateway to the MBA.  So what are you waiting for? Get ready for a roller-coaster ride ahead with an MBA and start preparing. All the best.