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Everyone loves food . Right?
But tell me how many loves cooking ? I think very few of us .
Its tough and hard to work in such a packed , hot and uncomfortable place for hours. I think our mothers are super ladies . Hats off to them !
Besides this i love cooking . Its my passion , my hobby like writing. Today i was in kitchen and thinking that which gadgets can make our life more easier and our work more simpler ? which gadgets one have to buy in 2018 ?
Here are some kitchen gadgets you have to buy in 2018:-
1. Philips Viva Airfryer Health Fryer

Key features:
1425 W motor
0.8 kg food capacity
H276 * W292 *D 266 cm
Price - 180 pound
2. Bosch MUM 59340 GB Kitchen Machine Stand Mixer

1000 W motor
Three tools and a shredding attachment
Stainless steel 3.9 ltr bowl with splashguard
H28.2 * W28 * D 27.1 cm
Price -259 pound
3. Sage Smart Kettle BKE8200K

1.7 ltr capacity
3 KW
Two water level indicators
Variable temperature 80-100 degree
Auto shutoff
Price - 89 pound
4. Mastrad Thermometer Spoon

Nylon/ Silicon spoon with detachable probe
Digital temperature reading
Measurement range : -40 to 250 degree celsius
5. Kitchen Aid Artisan Magnetic Drive Blender

1500 W 2 hp motor
1.75 litre plastic jug with pushon sealed lid
H41 * W19 * D 33 cm
Price- 379.99 pound

Popular ongoing anime from winter 2017



Looking for some  anime that you can watch for at least two hours? Then consider yourself lucky.
In this compilation anime that aired in between the end of 2017 and july 2018 and are ongoing will be considered. In that way you can catch up and eagerly wait for the next episode!



To be honest at the beginning of this anime there many high expectations! But it didn’t stand up to the famous Naruto series. While everyone was giving on this anime,it started to shine with it’s chunin exam arc.

this anime is about boruto a young ninja who is also the son of naruto the seventh hokage. How their bonds differ and how much does each other respect.in naruto’s perspective boruto is a kid who isn’t strong in boruto’s perceptive naruto is a careless parent.


Not able to save his childhood friend our protagonist who accidentally invented a time machine. Keeps on changing time until he reaches another world line where he gave on his lover to protect his childhood friend. And trigger’s world war 3 in the future. 

It’s an alternative story (ending)for the main story Steins gate.


As the UA students continue their school year after the tournament in season 2 .

They start their summer camp only to be attacked by villans once again.

Currently this the most popular anime with most hype scenes!


If you didn’t watch the season 1,2 and 3. Then you should avoid this because there won’t be any introductions in the start but only action!

Sergeant Sagra who completes all his missions with ease faces a serious problem while the organisation he works for is being destroyed and losing his beloved and powerful mecha our hero soon finds himself in a critical condition! So what is going to happen will he succeeds or fails?


Maynot be the best anime to watch with all those cliches but still due it’s epic fight animation ,great op and EDs along with few interesting plots. This anime is still running.

In kingdom where magic is everything our protagonist is born with no magic while his closet childhood friend acquires powerful spirit magic, our hero has to face all the hardships for becoming wizard king with no magic at all . good for him that he was able to acquire magic cancellation power. So will  Asta our hero with no at all become the magic king? Well who knows.


That’s all for now. there  are anime that have been aired a season in winter and started another season like the overlord 3 and gintama silver soul arc 2. Along with few other summer anime.

Click this link to see the top summer anime and let us know your thoughts in the comments below : )



Engineering marvels


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Have have ever seen world’s most powerful weapon or have ever you travelled in the world’s fastest boat?or do you know what are the world’s most strongest materials?


If you don’t know?then read till the end to find out the 4 most powerful things that  made man till today.

Quantum computer

  A normal every computer or even a supercomputer works on the bases of 0’s and 1’s.

 Where as in quantum computer quantum computing is used where the 0,1 is replaced quantum bits! They are still in development stage but they are 100 million times faster than a normal computer! Which means if quantum computer takes one second to solve a problem the your computer will take 10,000 years to solve the same.

Since these computers work on quantum bits they need extreme artificial climatic conditions to work.so owning one is impossible unless you are billionaire.

Burj khalifa

   We don’t know what is going to happen in the future. But for now the world’s building is the burj khalifa. A building that stands 830 m tall and can be called as a engineering marvel.is located in Dubai.Burj Khalifa was designed by Adrian Smith, of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill and was completed in the year 2009.

Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carrier

 US has developed a new aircraft carrier called as Gerald R and category Ford-class.

With the capacity of holding more than 75+ aircrafts with 100000 tons displacement power, is the world’s second longest naval ship which costs over $37 billion .


Reaching upto 301 MPH (484.4 KPH)the hennessey venom is clocked as the world’s fastest car.producing 1600 bhp this monstrous car can reach 250 MPH ( 402.3 KPH)in less than 30 seconds!it costs $1.6 million.


These are indeed the engineering marvels each with their own special characteristics.

Speaking of engineering marvels, these are few inventions that changed the world click on the link below to see a more detailed article.let us know your thoughts in the comments below: )


Internet of Things



Internet of things
Turning an everyday normal device into a “smart” device is known as IoT. It’s done through using various sensors and embedded softwares,and connected to a network where other devices can exchange the data.

It means that you can control every device with another device which is connected to the similar network.

For example you can turn off your toaster from the bedroom and eat that perfect toast. Iot will make things simpler for everyone here are few things where iot is being used right now.

These 3 practical examples of IoT

1. Smart home
The first one is obvious Smart Home is ranked as the highest Internet of Things applications More people are starting to get into smart home since it reduces so much work.  The total amount of funding for Smart Home startups is currently $2.5billion.
2. Wearables

Wearables also known as fitness bands and smartwatches they widely used all over the world for keeping the track of your heart beat,sleep monitoring and etc.,

3. Smart framing

Since the evolution of semiconductors and other PCBs new sensors are being created everywhere! By putting all these sensors into good use you can automate the process of framing and increase the yield as well as the profits for the farmer.

Job opportunities

It’s true that many people will lose their jobs due to automation.But the automation or rather IoT will create triple the jobs lost. Because the fact that without network,sensors,softwares and installation IoT is as good  as dead.

It’s same in the case of a robot.



Since we are talking about robots do check our article on smart home, let us know your thoughts in the comments below: )




Tips for getting good marks in entrance exams.



Exams the most important part and the most feared aspect in a student’s life.(That is till twelth standard)Entrance exams hold the key to your career,because based on your scores you will be judged!
You will be deemed by colleges and universities and will be given an admission.

So these are few tips for you to crack a competitive exam.


Believe me even if you even everything asked in your exam,and if you don’t have any self-confidence you will definitely fail that test.

To increase your self-confidence you must do mediation for a bit daily.

Studying alone doesn't make your preparation complete. Try to take mock tests ,and test your skills and limits.You must evaluate yourself time-to-time for best results.
Time management.

It’s something everyone should keep track-of, without proper time management you haven't even get time to attend few questions. So as said earlier take mock tests to test your limits. Based on that try to implement shortcut methods where possible for better results.

Know your syllabus

Knowing your syllabus is the most important thing you should do. Because you can’t write a maths paper when you prepared for english!

Do buy extra reference books.

Make a TIME TABLEtcc

Once you know What to study?,  it's time to plan How to prepare? The basic step would be making a time-table  for the preparation for the exam.

A time table makes you more disciplined.

Unnecessary answeringtcc

An exam conducted in the form MCQs will most definitely have negative marking. So be cautious if you don’t know the answer skip that and solve other questions.Because it’s better to score nothing(0) then getting negative marks in  multiple choice questions.


“Practice makes a man perfect” yep it does, put some extra effort into your exam preparation and get into your dream college. Do check our other articles and let us know your thoughts in the comments below : )


Must play android games in 2018



Playing mobile games never gets old! In this article we are going to see the best android mobile games of 2018.


Player unknown battlegrounds is the best online mobile game which is available for pcs ,play stations as well.its a FPS(first person shooter) battle royale game, where all you need to do is kill kill kill.If you are new to this game don’t worry use this link to get started.It’s a pretty demanding game with the download size of 1.3 GB.


If your mobile can’t handle that much you can play Free fire which is only 400 MB.

Dragon ball legends

Falling into the action and adventure category we have the dragon ball legends With stunning and beautiful graphics this game is a must play for all the dragonball fans.

you can destroy any villan that you hate, so gear up and start playing today.

Into the dead 2
 A zombie killing FPS game. In this game you will experience the zombie apocalypse,while you are running to save your family. This is an action packed game with a variety of guns to choose from.
Pokemon go
While many people thing that this game is dying because of it’s lost trends. But they all are wrong with improved gameplay and networks, the number of wild pokemon will have been increased. So if you played this game before and stopped playing, now is the time for you to resume playing.
Clash of clanstcc
The MMORPG clash of clans still remains in the top with lot of dedicated players.It’s a classic game where you startegy and attack or protect your village from the enemies. A game where you can proudly say that  you own a village and an army!


Stilling looking for more games don’t worry we got you covered here are 5 simple yet difficult games.Let us know your thoughts in the comments below: )


Anime that you should watch in this summer.Part 2



With many ongoing trends anime community is becoming common as the time passes.If you are looking for something fun and amusing to watch you are at the right place.

Wait no more here’s another list of summer anime 2018 that you should consider watching.

If you haven’t read the first article about summer anime 2018.don’t worry here’s the link.



So let’s get started.


Street wars and gangsters is not a new topic mainly in the country like USA.This story revolves around a teenager who acquires a drug called banana fish, so that he could cure his elder brother who is supposedly affected by the same.so things go out of hand and all kinds fights and gang wars takes place.


Our protagonist is a poor homeless kid you has a very unique power.Fuyuzora Kogarashi has the ability to see supernatural, and has been possessed by ghosts. In search of a house near to his school,protagonist finds himself a very cheap inn. Which later he founds that they are haunted by ghosts. Which are rather cute!


Some urban legends are best left untested! Yuuto Suou gets more than he bargained for when he joins his childhood friend Mitsuki Shimoya in testing out an urban legend. When he uses his phone to take a picture of himself with the local shrine's divine mirror. Only to be transported to another world but using his knowledge gained from school and his solar-powered smartphone, he becomes the head of wolf clan and tries to find his way out!


Our protagonist Iori starts his college life in a seaside town.staying at his uncle’s scuba diving shop “Grand Blue”. Iori wants a picture perfect college life with lots of college girls and other perks ,but soon trouble finds as his college seniors drag him into their weird group. He was asked or rather forced into joining the scuba diving club when he can’t even swim!


Normal elementary school students spend their time other kids by fooling around. But our protagonists a group of elementary school children formed a group called subaru, in a MMORPG game called union and become the strongest of all. Soon tragedy falls and they our main protagonist stops playing the game while disbanding the team. But  after 6 years he was forced into login to aid his friends where comes across a miracle!


So what do you thing does it make you excited?well let us know your thoughts in the comments and check out our other articles: )


Anime that you should watch in this summer.Part 1



People still think anime is for kids! Well that’s their way of thinking. Regardless anime have evaluated into great tv shows with wide range of genres and better plots with more character styles.

So let’s take look at 5 summer anime that you should watch in this summer 2018.


How to not summon a demon lord




The isekai (transported to another world)genre took the anime community to the next level. This anime takes place in world where your protagonist is introvert and always MMORPG and becomes the infamous demon lord in Cross Reverie game.sometime later he gots summoned into the game world (isekai)by two girls, and starts his journey of interaction and world domination.


The white demon strikes again this time it’s going to complete the final arc of the manga series “silver soul arc “ .it may will be the end of our favourite samuri tv show(probably)Or they will extend the anime as usual.


Speaking of isekai and video games here’s the best anime in this genre. As usual over Main protagonist is stuck in a MMORPG where he is supposedly the strongest player.

With a dozens of servants and warriors with hundreds of spells at his disposal this Overlord starts his journey find a way back to his home.


         (Angels of death)

 What if you are stuck in a building without no memories of what happened to you and why are you even in abandoned building. Where crazy people are going after you to kill you.

What will you do? Our protagonist Rachel a 13 year old is stuck in the same situation instead of finding a way rachel gives up all the hope and prepares to die in the hands of Zack who claims to be reaper. Ironically Zack wants to get out of that building and makes deal with rachel that he will kill her if she helps him to reach the outside world!


In post world war 1 period 1930 vampires existed in this world. They took our helplessness to their advantage and started munching on us. But there exists a force to hunt down the vampires called the jaegers. So will they be able to stop the vampires?


Well that’s all for now if you are still interested in watching anime do check out our other articles and the upcoming articles as well. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below: )


Anime for comedy fans.Part 2



Looking for something that will make you laugh.Then you are at the correct place.These are few animated shows that will make you LOL. so don’t worry just sit back and hit the internet after reading this anime article.

If you didn’t checked the previous article here’s a link for that.

Anime for comedey fans

Now let’s get started.

Daily Lives of High School Boys  tcc

(Danshi Kokosei no Nichijo)

As the name suggests it’s an anime about daily lives of high school boys,who do normal (realistic) stuff as every high schooler would do use some gags and discuss some dramtic events and then they try to mimic them while making us laugh.


(stupid girl)

the story revolves around the everyday life of high school girl Yoshiko Hanabatake who is really stupid and hangs out with her neighbor Akuru Akutsu. With all the other weird people flocking towards yoshiko and seeing how akuru beating the crap out off her is a real delight for comedy fans.


(Daily life)

An slice of life anime where the characters overthink every event happening around them.

And somehow turn them into a comedy delight. With all the hardships and the nuisances they create this anime makes you LOL .


Handa - kun

Handa-kun is the perfect meaning of social awkwardness, Seishuu Handa is admired by his peers as a calligraphy genius and given the utmost respect, but he is under the mistaken impression that the deference and attention he receives from the other students is actually bullying.and so all the misunderstanding this anime creates will definitely make you laugh.


These are few comedy anime that everyone should watch.of course these choices are based on my opinion so don’t worry if you don’t find your favorite anime in this article.

And do check out our other articles by clicking the link below. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below: )



Planning your dream careeer



When we are kids we all thought of becoming an astronaut or a pilot and even superman!But truth to be told it’s really hard to get even a basic paying jobs today in this competitive and over-populated world.

It’s not true for everyone. Few will and can get into to their dream jobs by proper career planning.

So let’s see how to plan a perfect career to land that dream job of your’s.


Setting goals

First things first,you must select your dream job. Before you select ,there are few things that you should consider like the occupation hazards,job criterias for eg you can’t be an astronaut if you are shorter than 62 inches. So be practical and choose a job carefully that defines your passion.


The most obvious thing is your education. It doesn’t mean that you should get a perfect score in your academics. It depending on your goal. Take advice from your mentors or teachers and  choose which subject suits your career the best.

Getting into right collegetcc

“Son take this year seriously and get a good rank,join in a reputed college, your life will be settled.” well it’s not the complete  truth.

Yes, even if you scored the all india first rank and joined in the most prestigious college this country can offer do you think your life is settled? No it’s not, because you must study.

And it gets really hard. So hang in there and sharpen your skills like there is no tomorrow.


If you are a science student you must do an internship,a project,and publish at least a paper before you graduate. Internships and projects will prove that you have enough knowledge and practical experience and papers will showcase your research and problem solving skills.


The final step towards the beginning of your career is, an interview.

Apart from all your curricular and extracurricular activities your resume and social skills play a major role for getting you that dream job.

If you want a perfect resume for affordable prices click this link below.



Students these blame colleges for not getting them placements. But they should stop for a moment and think that where is fault lying is it really the college’s fault or your fault and then act.

If you are looking to apply for an internship do check this article and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below : )