Due to rapid innovation and advancement in technology, the future Is bright and full of opportunities. But only those who are equipped with the right skills will be able to grasp these opportunities.

As the job requirements in the corporate world change time by time, it’s clear that the skillset which was required in the 2000s will not be as same as the one required in the 2020s for any particular job.

Now in order to succeed, you need to know which skills will be necessary for the upcoming future as the sooner you get to know about them, the better it will be for you as you will be able to work upon them and develop them.

Below is the list of 10 skills which will come in handy in your future, those which you can incorporate in your learning schedule along with the educational program you are pursuing,:-

  1. Artificial Intelligence

 AI in simple terms basically means to make computers or a controlled robot think smartly, in a similar manner, humans think, for them to execute logical operations.

Two main aspects are involved in AI:-

       *To Create Expert Systems

       *To Implement Human Intelligence In Machines

AI plays a crucial role in various fields like Gaming, Vision & Expert System, Language Processing, Speech Recognition, and many other various work fields.

Right now AI is progressing at a fast pace as large tech companies are favouring it, so in future, data scientist & technical engineers who will possess the knowledge of AI will be on high demand.

2. Content Writing

Earlier companies used to go for newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, etc for advertising their products in order to attract potential customers.

But now, as the internet has become so much popular, the internet is being used as a market place.

Thus in order to survive and grow, one must have attractive websites that display attractive content related to their products or services.

The content plays a crucial role in influencing the mind of the visitor to go for the product or service.

The better the content is, the better the response will be.  

3. Digital Marketing

Marketing is a much wider term as it involves various dimensions related to product decisions like from finding out the needs of customers to taking decisions regarding the distribution of the product and handling customer service.

Digital marketing is a part of marketing in which product or service is advertised online through the use of social media or by using digital technologies. It is a modern approach, which has become popular, as now even small enterprises who have just come into existence, uses digital marketing heavily.

As digitalisation is changing the world of work, digital marketing is given more preference over traditional marketing as it is a cost-effective way of reaching customers.

Thus, one has to be skilled in digital marketing, in all dimensions related to it so that more and more people can be reached in less time at less cost which will help the organization to grow.

4. Communication Skill

Having good communication skills is important these days as in order to secure any job, deal or negotiation, you need to convey your message in a professional way. The way of conveying your thoughts should be impeccable.

The way you talk with other colleagues, the way you present your thoughts and yourself is important as you need to proficient in all of them.

In order to give proper feedback and build an impression, you need to be good at listening as well, which is a crucial part of communication skill.

From the start of your career to end, your communication skills play a major role in developing your overall personality and achieving your goals on time.

5. Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing is visual communication that involves the use of typography, photography, symbols, pictures & illustrations.

Doesn’t matter whether it’s content writing or digital marketing, both require some graphic content as well in order to attract people towards the product or service which you are offering.

Graphic designing goes hand in hand with both social media marketing and content writing, as it is a human tendency to notice pictures first and text second.

Not only that, human memory retains and remember pictures over text, thus it is vital.

6. Problem Solving

It doesn't matter whichever work field you choose, you will face some problems arising in the course of your job, such as problems related to conflicts, supply chain, etc depending upon your work field.

There, you will be expected to deal with such situations in your own unique way.

There are many ways to deal with problems. Choose whichever suits you the best

Problem-solving is related to coming up with logical solutions to problems. Now how much effective you are in solving the problem, depends upon how much actively you are engaged with it, your Analytical Skills, creativity, communication skills, synchronisation with the team, and much more.

 In order to solve most of the problems in the best way, you need to first

      *Understand the problem by breaking it down in parts

     *Identify the hindrances

      *Identify and analyse the possible solutions to hindrances

      *Select and Act upon that solution selected

      *Look how it goes, and make changes if required.

7. Public Speaking Skill

Public speaking ability requires self-confidence at a whole new level as you will be addressing your message and thoughts to an audience.

A good public speaker knows what he/she has to speak about, how to address the message to the public in a well-structured way, how to gain the trust of the public.

A good public speaker attracts the audience towards whatever she/he has to offer.

In order to enhance your public speaking skills, you need to practice, which will eventually elevate your confidence level, from there, you will be more comfortable with speaking in front of a public.

After all, the one who speaks in a bold way is the one who is loved to be heard by everyone.

8. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence mainly defines the capacity of a person to recognize and control one's emotions, along with understanding the feelings and concerns of other people with whom the person comes in contact with in order to have an effective and fruitful conversation.

Those who have a high degree of emotional intelligence are in tune with both their own emotions and the emotions of other people as well with whom they interact.

Emotional Intelligence in today’s world is seen as a vital aspect of leadership, management, marketing, and human resources.

Today, Emotional Intelligence tests are easily available and more often utilized for screening the candidates who apply for jobs.

Automation is taking place at a fast pace, but computers and robots cannot replace humans in this aspect as it involves human forming connection with other humans.

9. Creativity

Every human being is creative in some way.  Creativity involves the generation of new ideas, which can be used to do something or produce something new.

As in today’s world, every company aims at doing something new, different and unique in comparison to its competitors, which can only happen if its employees are creative and innovative.  

If you have ideas but don't act on them, you are imaginative but not creative. Creativity involves acting upon those practical ideas, you need to work smart and hard to do something new, something which no one expected.

Computers and robots can’t compete with humans on this aspect as the robots work on the basis of data feeded in it which is limited in the first place.

10. Resilience & Analytical Skills

Resilience means the ability to bounce back after facing an unforeseen event, without facing any kind of chronic emotional or mental pressure. It is not necessary that the things will go out according to the plan. Sometimes decisions made may not give the expected result.

A good employee needs to be dynamic and work to his/her best level rather than losing motivation because of failure.

The Analytical job involves analysis of data, the information in order to use it in purposeful work and to draw out authentic conclusions from it.

As decisions are taken and work proceeds on the basis of these conclusions, this is pretty much essential for the organisation at all levels of management.   

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