Traditionally, creativity was associated with people in artistic professions such as writers, painters or musicians. In today’s world it has become increasingly important for organisations to rely on creative thinking, in an effort to distinguish themselves from competitors.  Creativity can be seen as the abandonment of rigid structures, a very desirable trait for individuals in leadership positions. A creative leader is important because he sees unique paths to reach his goals. They place great emphasis on encouraging innovative thought among others in their organisation.


A large part of being a creative leader is being able to inspire people to generate and develop original and creative ideas. Creativity is what fuels big ideas and opens the door to new opportunities. As a fellow for GYLF you will learn how to put creative ideas into action. The GYLF ConcLive and “The Hero in Me” workshop by Jeroninio “Jerry” Almeida will help you realise your creative potential and UNDERSTAND, UNBOX and UNLEASH your moJOsh!

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