Personal branching relates to branching out of skills by a person. Often a person who is proficient in multiple skills is often preferred over a person who isn’t. The more branched out you are, you’ll realize that many of them can be used to make money, meet new people, and build stronger relationships. Knowing your skill mastery and the direction they’re going gives you the clarity on what to learn next for maximum learning efficiency.

As times are moving ahead, companies are reinventing themselves and people have to reinvent themselves to catch up. "Branching out" can mean anything from creating new opportunities for yourself with your existing skill set to acquiring new skills and qualifications, changing career course in the process. Throughout most of our education in school, we split our time across a wide range of subjects. In a single year, a typical  student can gain a fundamental understanding of mathematics, science, social studies, English and maybe even a second language. When we arrive at college, the focus is completely on what we want to pursue right after college and maybe a few electives here and there. Then, as we enter the working world, educational exploration ceases entirely. We’re trained to specialize. To hone a single subset of a single skill within a single industry.

This mindset is understandable but ultimately limiting, as it locks you into one role with a lack of flexibility. Most importantly, you lose the ability to be adaptable, able to quickly learn and utilize new skills as needed. That’s not to say everyone should attempt to spread themselves evenly across all of their different interests. Certain areas of your career will always take precedence. And branching out certainly doesn’t mean that you become the jack of all trades, yet master of none. But sacrificing other pursuits in order to                                             focus on just one can be just as damaging.

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