While it may sound absurd, anybody CAN become an entrepreneur.

The first and only unique thing that you need in order to become an entrepreneur is an idea that that you can evaluate, find a select market for and figure out your service or product’s distinctive selling point.

Since the idea is the seed of your venture, everyone has the potential to become an entrepreneur. The rest is simply a mixture of characteristics and belief. Entrepreneurship and the skills that come with it like financial management, communication skills, critical thinking skills and to be able to take responsibility for their decisions and actions. It can never be too early to teach these skills to anyone, regardless if they want to pursue being an entrepreneur seriously.

All of the qualities necessary to be a successful entrepreneur are easily translated into success in life in general. There isn’t an area of life where these skills won’t have a positive impact. With The Campus Connect - Rex Karmaveer Global Young Leaders Fellowship and Karmaveer Chakra Awards (GYLF) and the GYLF ConcLive will help the fellows meet trustworthy mentors many of whom are entrepreneurs themselves.

Check out more about GYLF : http://www.thecampusconnect.gylf

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