“Leadership is an active, living process. It is rooted in character, forged by experience and taught by example” the age old proverb by internationally recognized leadership educator John Baldoni is much more than an inspiration quotation. The character-rooted skills include Emotional, Spiritual and Moral Quotient and not just IQ, not competence-based skills.  A leader’s roots may be hidden out of sight but the condition of those roots are always clearly evident in the life of the leader.

The Campus Connect - Rex Karmaveer Global Young Leaders Fellowship & Karmaveer Chakra Awards aims to find the young leaders of tomorrow. At Global Young Leaders Fellowship, this honour is bestowed upon young change makers.

The purpose of this fellowship is to mentor students so that they understand the value of character rooted leadership and how character and not just competence takes people ahead. Thus, we are building a culture of volunteering, which has been recognised as the best form of leadership. This will also introduce the fellows to a culture of learning-to- learn, which is one of the most essential skill, sought after by all Ivy league universities and organizations.

Our ultimate goal is to be champions of change and reward the people who bring about this change.Heroes are made by the paths they choose,not the powers they are graced with. Our fellowship will provide you with a path to be a hero in this new world.

Character development is a life-long process with increasing challenges to our patience, honesty, trustworthiness, graciousness, kindness, and love. We understand this and helps the young generation to develop from a seed to the most wonderful flower in the garden.

As it is said “You’re never too young to be a leader”.


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