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The Campus Connect - Rex Karmaveer Global Young Leaders Fellowship & Karmaveer Chakra Awards instituted by iCongo- international confederation of NGOs in partnership with the UN - United Nations is an honour that is bestowed upon young change makers. The fellowship is a learning and collaborative process that results in personal and vocational growth for one and all.  'Learning to learn' is the ability to pursue and persist in learning, to organise one's own learning, including through. effective management of time and information, both individually and in groups.

Interactive, Experiential and Participatory Learning at the REXperience is the big gift and award, termed as the most awesome REXperience that is full of moJOsh, by erstwhile fellows and participants from around the world.

Learning to learn itself is an art to learn. Learning how to learn is one of the most important skill in life. Here, with us the interns learn this significant skill which not only helps them in their work but also in their life .


We aim to make this place a better world with appreciating every single contribution to it. We applaud new talents and provides them with a platform to reach the society and help them to nourish under their leadership. So, learning becomes important even for the leaders.


Here are some wonderful and inspiring words by Eitu Ma'am,Co-founder at REX and IVO.



A learning curve is essential to growth and an eye to a mind. As it is well said-“Learning is a treasure that will follow its leader everywhere”.


Check out more about GYLF : www.thecampusconnect.gylf

Apply to be a Curator:bit.ly/gylf19curator                          Self Nominate: bit.ly/selfnominationgylf




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