College life is the part of your life that you’re going to relive in your memories till the day you breathe. But never forget it is also the turning point where you have to choose the path for rest of your life. They are no doubt the best days of your life and if balanced correctly you can utilize the most of your potential.


We understand it can be confusing to know which direction you’re headed when you haven’t even been exposed to different fields and industries. It sometimes become annoying rather than confusing to choose your righteous path from so many options.

Global Young Leaders Fellowship (GYLF) is an offshoot of REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship & Karmaveer Chakra Awards,specifically for students in partnership with The Campus Connect. This fellowship aims for the development of the students involved as well as the society. Excellent Internship and part time employment offer for college students. Remuneration based on efforts, devotion and commitment to the JOB TO ACCOMPLISHMENT(JTA) is also offered.

We provide an outstanding platform for the young talents to showcase their impeccable leadership quality and appreciate the good in them. Their great human potential to contribute and make a difference, with small but significant actions for the greater good is applauded. Also a great opportunity to grab for the students who want to join and help us in the great search of the young leaders for the good.




Our agenda is to research and discover the leaders of tomorrow.There is immense ability and talent in the youth and we would love to shape them in the rightful manner.We are a fellowship to the youth and by the youth with a simple mission of celebrating real heroes of the society. GYLF celebrates young Champions of CHANGE globally who make a difference in our society with their Ideas for Action.

If you know any young champion of change who are doing something different and changing mindsets,come join us as work as a curator for the betterment of the society we all live in.If you feel eligible too,you can self nominate yourself.The award honours individual work done by people who walk off beat road and inspires others to grow and glow.

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Learn more about GYLF : www.thecampusconnect.gylf

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