Volunteering in simple words basically means to contribute your efforts towards some meaningful activity, without expecting any kind of monetary remuneration.

So how can it be beneficial to you if you are not getting paid?

Most people are not interested in volunteering because of misconceptions like it will be a waste and time-consuming activity.


The Campus Connect - REX Karmaveer Global Young Leaders Fellowship and Karmaveer Chakra Awards inspire youth to bring the change needed so that they become successful leaders in the future.

After going through this article, you will surely learn Why Volunteering is Important and  How Volunteering Is Beneficial For Your Over All Development:-


  1. Forming Connections With People

Volunteering not only gives you a chance to help others but also provides you an opportunity to strengthen your network i.e. forming connections with people and getting a chance to learn something from them.

Humans are the main resource in any business.

Your Network Is Your Net worth” which simply means, the higher number of valuable people you will engage and interact with, the higher you will earn and grow as you will get to learn something new from their experiences which will help you in achieving your goals.

The More You Know, The Smarter You Grow


2. Advancement In Career & Refinement Of Skill Set


It doesn’t matter whether you are considering a new career or your current one, volunteering will aid you in refining and improving your skillset as you will be exposed to a real work-life environment that will require various tasks from planning, organizing the whole job to be done to working in a team, handling tasks, solving problems.

Consistency Is Important In Order To Progress & Acquire New Skills

This will brush-up your knowledge, thus helping you in your overall development with time rather than being stuck at a plateau.


  1. Mentally Refreshing

Volunteering or contributing your efforts towards some activity which you find interesting can be a good escape from monotonous day to day work as you get to do something new which helps you develop your skills in that particular area.


This helps you shift your focus on something else, thus when you will get back to your routine work with a FRESH mind, you will make the right decisions, rather than making decisions in a haphazard manner.


  1. Volunteering Gives You A Sense Of Purpose

By volunteering, you may find out what your talent is, it can be a turning point of your life where you get to know about your strengths and weaknesses, working on them and channelizing your strength in work in order to get the best out of you.

As you work upon your specific aim, you progress, you face new challenges, you find solutions to them and eventually win.

Be Active, Act Energetic

Volunteering will help you gain insights into leadership learning and discipline.



  1. Shift From “Reactive Mindset” To “Proactive Mindset”

Volunteering will teach you how to become proactive, as you will become self-conscious. Contributing towards the society will make you feel better, thus bringing positivity and you will start taking responsibilities on your own, working hard, meeting commitments and taking steps to prevent any future contingencies thus making you Proactive.

People with a reactive mindset react or responds to the situation after its occurrence.

People with a proactive mindset try to prevent and control any further situation rather than reacting to it after it has happened.

Work Smarter, Not Harder


  1. Change

Through volunteering, comes change as one can contribute towards society and side by side achieve personal objectives as well.


Through positive change, comes development as change brings something new which brings new results and makes this world a better place.


  1. Solid Character

People tend to develop a solid character when they go through some sort of work program. Volunteering is also a platform where one can develop a solid character and excel in one’s own field.

With a solid character, you will learn and progress with discipline.


  1. Shift From “I Can’t” to “I Can” Mindset

A person with good volunteering experience will see potential possibilities in the impossible, she/he will work harder in order to get the job done and make a difference.


She/He will be optimistic with a great sense of consciousness and will try her/his best to achieve the feat.

When You Try Something New, You Come Up With Something New
  1. Inspirational

If you are someone who is bored or looking for some ideas, volunteering might help you in it by providing you new ideas or propositions, related to your interest area.

You may get to know in which field you are good through volunteering as it involves various activities.


Inspiration comes when you open up, in an open environment. Volunteering gives you this opportunity.


  1. Volunteering Is Fun

Volunteering is fun as it involves various tasks one can do in order to bring joy in life.

Meeting people, working with them, and working towards the fulfillment of societal objectives brings positivity.

 "At the end of the day, no matter how many problems you faced, you will feel good and will be proud of yourself, because you did something valuable and learned something new"


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