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It is well said – “ There is no greater journey than the one that you take to discover all of the mysteries that lie within you.  Humans are so far the best creation of God with each one of us having gifted talents and applauding skills.  Everyone is their own best person, it just takes self-analysis to help you know completely about your capabilities and potential.


The Campus Connect - Rex Karmaveer Global Young Leaders Fellowship & Chakra Awards instituted by iCongo- international confederation of NGOs in partnership with the UN - United Nation provides an amazing platform for the youth to move forward on the path of  their self discovery and awareness,that not only boost and build up their exceptional calibre but also guide them to become the agents of development and change in the society.

As Oscar Wilde reminds us "Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” Our aim is the same to determine the uniqueness of every child and utilize it for the betterment of himself and the society. This fellowship is for the youth and by the youth, helping them to discover their true potentials. Our ultimate goal is to explore and find the champions of change and reward the people who bring about this change. We work for recognizing LEADERS OF TOMORROW and appreciate anyone who’s making a significant difference in society and inspiring others to do so. Not only Avengers save the world,you can too! Fill the form and be the curator and help us to search for the Leaders and Champions of change.If you think you have that ability to guide the youth to the right and progressive path,then you can nominate yourself too.After all,not all superheroes wear capes.Some heroes follow the simple yet compelling mantra like ours-

“I change to change the world”



Check out more about GYLF : www.thecampusconnect.gylf

Apply to be a Curator: bit.ly/gylf19curator

Self Nominate: bit.ly/selfnominationgylf


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