Hitting your child on their mistake is not the ultimate solution to bring them on right path. Hitting your child can sometimes be the reason behind their bad actions. Use words and always deal with patience with them. Once you start hitting them they will get used to it. Their attitude will change completely. Next time when they will be about to commit a mistake they will be like "I will enjoy now and will face the same consequence as usual". They may move on wrong path because of you.



You may be the reason behind their bad behavior. Stop torturing your child physically.   You may destroy them physically. Sometimes its okay to beat them for some big mistakes but not all the time. Catch hold of your actions. It is not necessary that because your parents have hit you , you will do the same with your children.

Always set an example. No mater what you're going through avoid hitting, yelling at your child. You may be angry due to different reasons.  You may have loads of tensions but this does not mean you will hit your child and release your anger.

Avoid shouting, misbehaving in front of your child. Your way of conduct will have direct effect on them. Your child will always learn by seeing you. Never stand as a bad example for them. Correcting their mistakes by hitting them is not the ultimate solution. You can show them what is right and what is wrong.

They are kids. Everyone will learn from their mistakes.You as parents never want bad for your children but you hitting them on every step will destroy their creativity levels.

There are more effective ways of getting the behavior you want. Hence try to deal patiently with your kids. Have a good parenting experience.

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