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“Compassion makes you strong, caring and creative. It creates a different attitude, a level of maturity and understanding, where you do something which makes you stand out of crowd.”
― Amit Ray, Walking the Path of Compassion

  It is always easy to follow the path followed by others. Stop being a  sheep. Create your own way. Build your own rules. Keep growing on your own. You never need anyone to give you a chance. You have to move forward on your own.

“Stars don’t beg the world for attention; their beauty forces us to look up.”
― Matshona Dhliwayo

    There are thousands of people in the crowd but the one on the dias is always focused. Don't be the one who is in the crowd and never noticed. Always stand out. If they are hundred people and all of them are selecting the same thing than you need to select an alternative which will be good for you. Focus on yourself. If all others are going in another the direction that never mean you are in the wrong direction. Let others go in other direction, or else tell you that you are wrong  are wrong. Until you are focused you should  never  be afraid of anything or anyone. People are their around only to pull your leg down.

Always remember

“The louder the dogs bark the less a lion feels threatened.”
― Matshona Dhliwayo

 Be different and let people around you feel the difference. You will definitely get noticed if your unique and work according your own rules. Keep moving. Some people will appreciate you and others will be jealous of you but but but this is never a matter of concern until your growing. You need to be concerned  when you stop growing. Still then no matter what,  nothing around you should affect your growth. Ok?
so keep growing and move towards great days ahead.

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