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Jeju Island, also known as Hawaii of South Korea, is a picturesque island in Jeju Province, South Korea. The island is famous for its beauty as well as the exhilarating adventures it offers. It is very popular among tourists and the island’s economy rely considerably on tourism. The Island was formed millions of years ago due to volcanic eruption. Yes, it is a volcanic island but the volcanoes are inactive.


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The climate of Jejudo (do=island in korean) is comparatively warmer as compared to rest of S. Korea. The island has four seasons out of which Spring is the best one for exploring the place. The flowers are in their full bloom and the slightly warm temperature makes everything more refreshing and energizing. It is a popular honeymoon destination especially among Korean couples.

Jeju Island has several attractions to please its tourists. But here we are going to see best ten of them:

  1. Manjanggul Cave

Manjanggul Lava Tube is the 12-th longest lava tube in the world. It is approximately 9 km long. But, only 1 km of the tunnel is accessible and rest of the tunnel is restricted for people. So, as there is only one entrance, be ready to have a 2 km long walk if you plan on visiting the cave.

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  1. Seongsan Ilchulbong

Seongsan Ilchulbong aka Sunrise Peak rose from under the sea due to a volcanic eruption some thousand years ago. There is a crater on the top of peak which is full of greenery. The peak looks fascinating from far away. But closely, it just seems like a simple ground of grass. However, it is a very relaxing place.

On a side note, get ready to climb some serious number of stairs to reach there.

source: newsworld.co.kr
  1. Jeju Teddy Bear Museum

Teddy Bear Lovers!! This is a must visit place for you all. The Museum was opened in April, 2001. It is absolutely dedicated to teddy bears. The Museum has a unique collection of teddies to entertain its visitors.

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  1. Hyeopjae Beach

Jeju Island has two beaches. One of them, Hyeopjae Beach is a beautiful sandy beach and is about 20 m long. The sand is almost white due to large numbers of crushed seashells mixed with the sand. The beach is a part of Hanrim Park that provides may tour sites.

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  1. Cheonjeyeon Falls

The Cheonjeyeon Falls have three waterfalls. The first one is the Pond of Heaven. The water falls into the pond with crystal-blue color water. The scenery is beautiful. The other two falls are equally exciting. The Seven Nymph festival is held at this location on May of even-numbered years. Swimming is prohibited.

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  1. Jeju Loveland

Jeju Loveland is a sex-based theme park. Yep, you heard err…. read it right. The park has 140 sculptures in various sex positions. The park's website describes the location as "a place where love oriented art and eroticism meet." Of course only people older than 18 can visit. If you are on a trip with minors (kids), you can leave them in a play area based on anime while you visit.

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  1. Mount Hallasan

Hallasan is the highest mountain in South Korea. It can be seen from beaches of Jeju. It is famous for its rich ecosystem. Hikers will have a great time climbing the Mountain. It is relatively easy to hike.  And if you are a lazy bum then no problem. Hallasan provides an alluring scenery. So you can have a good time just by looking at it from far.

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  1. Seonimgyo Bridge

The Bridge is above the Cheonjeyeon Falls. It symbolizes the legends of Cheonjeyeon (Seven Nymphs). It is the first bridge with Ojakgyo design in the region. The bridge has sculptures of the nymphs, each playing their musical instrument.

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  1. Jeongbang Waterfall

Jeongbang Waterfall is a popular 75 ft high Waterfall. It is the only waterfall in Asia that falls directly into the ocean. It is considered as one of the ten greatest scenic wonders of Jeju. Some believe that the waterfall can cure diseases and bring rain during drought.

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  1. Jungmun Beach

In contrast to Hyeopjae Beach, sand of Jungmun Beach shows a variety of colors: white, black, red grey. The colorful beach is 560m long and creates a beautiful scenery. Many Korean dramas have done some shooting here. There is a 15m long cave near the beach. The beach provides a variety of marine sports.

source: thisiskoreatours.com



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