If yes then Should you embrace your social awkwardness is social settings? Is it just a part of who you are? Some people will tell you to embrace it, but I truly feel that it’s important to try to overcome being socially awkward as much as possible, especially if you want to create a life full of relationships, love, happiness, and success.

when you are socially awkward you feel awkward or out-of-place, and that makes all situations and events with other people more difficult than they need to be. From this point you stop going out, mingling with people and hanging out with friends. Moreover, it can hold you back from going after things you want because, often, the things you want are through or around other people, which can be hard to face.So make yourself free with people around you and put your thoughts forward.

 Signs That Show You Are Socially Awkward

  • you get avoided by people in social settings. 
  • You avoid people.
  • You avoid social gatherings.
  • You don't have a lot of friends and You’ve had the same circle of friends for years but never seem to add new ones.
  • You overthink all social instances.
  • You’re often physically on the outskirts of gatherings.
  • In your group of friends, everyone seems to have a “buddy” but you’re the odd one out.
  • You make eye contact with your neighbor and just as they go to say something you turn away and speed walk to your door.
  • You don’t know how to end a conversation.

Make efforts to change yourself and mingle with people. This will reduce negative thoughts in you and you will feel the positivity around.



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