You cannot please everyone every time. Their will be situations where you should know what you actually want and your prime concerns. Stop being a people-pleaser and set boundaries. If you are not convinced or does not want something than speak out. Say no. Of course, there are many times when saying yes is a great thing! But learning how to set boundaries and how to say no is the real key to sustaining healthy relationships with yourself and others. Following are few tips for learning how to say no.

Stop being a people pleaser?

You cannot make everyone happy. You will be bad in someones story but this does not mean that you really are. Everyone wants you to do things according to them but this is not possible all the time.

Learn to tolerate the reactions of others.

Every one may not accept what you are. You cannot convince everyone. So chill. Follow your own rules. Work for a simple life.

Be true to yourself.

Be clear and honest with yourself about what you truly want. Get to know yourself better and examine what you really want from life.

Separate refusal from rejection.

Remember you’re turning down a request, not a person. People usually will understand that it is your right to say no, just as it is their right to ask the favor.

Keep your response simple.

If you want to say no, be firm and direct. Use phrases such as “Thanks for coming to me but I’m afraid it’s not convenient right now” or “I’m sorry but I can’t help this evening.” Try to be strong in your body language and don’t over-apologize. Remember, you’re not asking permission to say no.

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