Jammu & Kashmir is known for it’s beauty all around the world but there is a darker of it as well such as activities related to terrorism, stone pelting etc. Stone Pelting has become a common term in headlines since last few months as we hear every day that this stone pelting has affected a lot of Jammu & Kashmir. It refers to the criminal rock throwing by youth who pelt, bombard or throw stones on the Indian Armed Forces and Jammu & Kashmir Police. Stones were pelted by the people of Kashmir for expressing their anger.

It is a very critical situation as the citizens of our country are the ones who are protesting against our country. The separatists living in India are provoking the innocent citizens to take such steps so that it can create disharmony in the state. They are not losing anything, they are living in big bungalows, their children are studying in good institutions of the world and they are indulging innocent youth in doing so which in turn is harming their lives as they are forced to move on a wrong track. They especially choose such children who belong to financially weak families, who are in need of money so that they can easily bribe them and make them do anything like stone pelting or harming the soldiers who are continuously working to improve the conditions of the state.


  • The conditions can be controlled from worsening by counselling the stone pelters and making them choose the right path. Helping them to educate themselves enough to land a secure job for themselves.
  • According to many people, a harsh step must be taken and tit for tat policy must be deployed. So, these stone pelters should be punished severely as they are harming our soldiers who are fighting for country on the borders. The steps must be strict so that no one can dare to create any disharmony in the country.

Thus, it is a very big problem prevailing right now in the state of Jammu & Kashmir which need to be controlled as early as possible so that it cannot create any more damage to the dignity and respect of the country.


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