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This post is primarily for women’s body type. It is very difficult to study all the body types as with a population of 7.7 Billion there is a possibility that there are billions of different body shapes. But what we can do is broadly categorize them in different categories. Guys can check out this article to get to know which type of body shape they possess.

Here we go:

Body Type #1: Pear Shaped Body

Pear shaped body is one where your bust and shoulder size is considerably smaller than your hip size. Or you have a fuller or bigger bottom and comparatively slimmer torso.

source: blog.stitchfix.com


Body Type #2: Apple Shaped Body

People having this body type have wider shoulders and smaller hip area. The waist-line is not well defined. There are little to no body curves.

source: blog.stitchfix.com


Body Type #3: Banana/Ruler Shaped Body

I personally have this body shape. It is when your breast, waist and hips are of almost similar sizes. If you are skinny and have this shape, then you might have been called “A Stick”. Ouch.

source: blog.stitchfix.com


Body Type #4: Inverted Triangle Shaped Body

Inverted Triangle Shape is similar to the apple body shape. The only dissimilarity is that the size difference between the shoulder and hip size is drastic.

source: fabulousafter40.com


Body Type #5: Hourglass Shaped Body

This is the body shape that everyone wants to achieve some by only fantasizing while others by sweating in the gyms. The hourglass figure is something that no one needs to be told about. In this, the waist-line is pretty small as compared to hips and shoulders which are of same measure.

source: blog.stitchfix.com

Weirdly enough these are the terms that even fashion designers use to describe body shapes. Seem wacky to me. But I hope you found your body type. It will help you dress better. Keep in mind that all body types are equally beautiful.



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