We always want to finish our work as soon as possible and leave the workplace but due to many reasons we will not be able to do it. We will be lagging in our works or else postpone it for some time. There are many reasons for doing this. Below are the five reasons why we waste time at work.

1.Not having complete knowledge

This is the basic reason why we postpone or else lag in our schedule. Which ever field we are joining we need to have a sound knowledge of what to do, how to do and when to do.Without this we will only waste our time and may end up losing our job.

2.Our interest

Our interest will have a direct effect on our work. If we are interested the we can complete our work playfully but if we are not interested it will be a burden on to our head. Hence select your field wisely.

3.Unclear priorities

It happens too often: Individuals and teams find themselves working on tasks that they discover aren’t the latest priority. We should set our priorities clear.

4.Socializing with Co-workers

Socializing is important sometimes but not all the time. Sometime we need to concentrate on our work without any disturbance. We need to complete our work on time which is very important.

5.Stay off the internet

This is where we waste most of our time. Most of  us spend time on internet, on social networking sites. Keep away from internet and look how much of our time is saved.


We should always keep in our mind that there are many things outside of our workplace. We need to spend time relaxing, in peace and happily. Our families also needs our time. By saving our time here we can spend more time with our family, loved once and also start a side business. Hence making use of time effectively is essential.


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