Laws are understandably important to keep locals of every country in check. But sometimes Governments take some weird decisions which people need to abide without any question. In this article, we will see only 10 of such unusual laws:

  1. NO Valentine’s Day

In Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, people are not allowed to celebrate the Day of Love. According to both countries, it is against Islam to celebrate such a day. More than 50% of youngsters consider it an act of shamelessness and a stupid trend.


  1. Ban on Noisy Footwear

The citizens of Capri, Italy are quite noise intolerant. Therefore the visitors are banned from wearing any kind of noisy footwear like flip-flops or heels or they might get arrested for interfering with the peaceful atmosphere of the island.


  1. Not allowed to keep a pet Goldfish

Keeping a pet goldfish in glass bowl is considered ‘Animal Cruelty’ in Rome, Italy.


  1. Chewing gums can land you in trouble

Government of Singapore can charge a heavy fine to anyone who is caught spitting a chewing gum on road. The fine is $1000 (sweats). There is an exception for therapeutic, dental, or nicotine chewing gums for medical purposes. Singapore is very strict about cleanliness. So don’t litter if you don’t want to lose fortune.


  1. Don’t Frown. Keep Smiling

If you ever visit Milan, Italy then keep smiling all the time you are out in public. Frowning is against the law here. Guess you can’t go shopping when you are in bad mood. Weird….

  1. Sex Education is banned in schools

In Uganda, it was against the law to enlighten students about sex until the previous year. The society apparently holds onto traditional values strictly. Uganda is also one of the 36 African countries where homosexuality is a crime. Finally, the country has launched its first ever guideline on sex education which doesn’t seem very helpful.


  1. Incarnation ban on Monks

Chinese Government has banned Tibetan Monks to reincarnate without permission. The question is do things like reincarnation really exist?


  1. Memes are Illegal

It is illegal to create and share memes in Australia. But I am pretty sure youngsters are breaching the current copyright law that illegalizes sharing memes or forwarding mails.

  1. Baby walkers are dangerous

Canada has banned Baby Walkers since 2004. According to the country, baby walkers pose a serious threat to children, causing injuries every year. It is a crime to import and sell baby walkers here.

  1. Don’t make an ugly face to dogs

In Oklahoma, if you make ‘ugly faces’ at dogs then you might have to pay fine or even could be sent to jail. I am confused how this works because what if the person is simply ugly?




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