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Bananas are the most easily available fruit in the household. The fruit has several health benefits. You must know that even the peel of a banana is very beneficial. Banana peel is not poisonous and totally edible. They are used for some yummy food recipes.


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Banana peel is rich in minerals: magnesium & potassium, vitamins: B6 & B12 as well as some amount of fibers, proteins and biotic compounds. This is the reason that Banana peels have many skin benefits. Yet we throw it in the bin (hopefully) without giving much thought to it. After reading this article, you will think at least twice before tossing the peel away.


  1. Whiten teeth

Rubbing the inside of banana peel can reduce the yellowishness of the teeth. The minerals in the peel absorb the yellow layer thus making our teeth whiter.

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  1. Brighten Skin

Banana peel has anti-oxidants which are good for skin. They can moisturize the skin and brighten up the skin tone.

source: skinclinic.ca
  1. Remove warts

Although warts are harmless and go away without any treatment, they can be painful. Banana peel provide relief if you gently rub the peel over the broken skin.

source: medical.mit.edu
  1. Remove dark circles

There are hundreds of home remedies that you might have tried to remove dark circles. Then there is no harm in trying one more. Cut banana peel into small pieces and tenderly rub them on the dark circles for 5-10 minutes daily.

source: cyns.com
  1. Treats pimples

Pimples can cause embarrassment. The white colored inside of the banana peel has vitamins and minerals that are absorbed by your skin when you rub it on your face and treats pimples.

source: dayre.com
  1. Fade wrinkles and scars

Banana peels can lighten the scars or wrinkles marring your skin. Spotless skin is wanted by everyone after all.

source: theprplab.com
  1. Treats Bug-bites

Rubbing banana peel on bug bites can remove the itchiness and irritation to some extent.

source: oprms.com

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