This Diwali get inspired by these really easy DIY decoration ideas and teach children to make their own diyas, candles, rangolis and other festive decor items at home!

1. Punched hole tea-light decor: All you need is a small glass container to put your tea light, some colored chart paper and a sharp needle. Trace a design or motif on the card paper and make tiny holes with a needle. Fold the paper to cover the tea-light container and join the ends. There you are – your own unusual tea-light decor.

2. Henna-decorated candles: How about introducing Henna (mehndi) to your festive environment? We anyway use it to beautify our hands and feet. But when used to decorate candles and lamps, the effect is pretty alluring. See for yourself. This is one idea that would make your house stand out for sure.

3. Multi-diya floating tray: Just take a large clay sunken dish or tray from a potter and about eight diyas – depending on the diameter of the tray. Paint the tray a bright color and the diyas in a contrasting or complementary color. Use some Fewikwik to stick the diyas around the circumference of the tray. You can light the diyas and float some flower petals in the tray.

4. Mirror-work mural: Some mirrors in different shapes and sizes, a little craft glue and oodles of creativity will ensure Diwali stays on in your home all-year round.

5. Mason-Jar and lace candles: This one is particularly for fans of recycling. Take a mason jar and stick some broad lace to cover it fully. Light a candle (or even a few stubs) in it. That’s it! All the melted wax can be heated again in a microwave and a wick inserted to have a candle that will just never stop burning. This decor will take you right through to Christmas as well!

Some other ideas:

  • Use some large shells from your beach vacation to fashion unusual candles.
  • Refashion old silk sarees or bright colored dupattas with gota and sequins to make festive-special curtains
  • Stack a few class bangles of the same size one on top of the other using high quality glue to make an innovative diya or tea-light shade.
  • Paint some old glass bottles – and use as flower holders or put LED light strings in them.

  • Decorate candles using real flower decoupage. Collect some petals and leaves from your walk in the garden. Press them in a thick book for a week. Rollover the glue on candle and paste leaves on it. You can strengthen the bond or even correct mistakes by heating the backside of a spoon and rolling it over the candle.
  • Put your old keys to good use by making a wind chime out of them.
  • Spoilt or scratched CDs can be used as diya or tea-light trays. Decorate a CD and stick on a tea-light or diya. Simple!
  • Put chipped or damaged wine-glasses to good use by making miniature table lamps. Refer image for how to do it.


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