Sometimes it is really mind-boggling situation. We don’t know from where to start. When we sit down in calmness and start thinking of the time passing by and the situations in which we are dragged into is really strange. It is all about how we feel. If we are positive then everything is clear  to us , But the moment you be driven with a negative taught then there is only darkness without even the light of hope. Just keep the hope within you alive. Some people may be wishing for the situations which you feel cursed to be in. Stop feeling low. Stand up, build your confidence and step ahead.

                                 It is time to open the window of contentment and rejoice. Rejoice every single moment. Life consists of mixed feelings. When you are happy you can feel the little things around and get satisfied. When you are sad even the smallest thing effect on you.Every tomorrow comes with a new task. Wake up. Get ready for a new fight with new zeal for your goals. Stand up little fighter. It’s your day and you need to fight for you dreams. From staying strong to staying calm, everything purely depends on you.

With a storm in our head and with mixed feelings of joy, happiness, sadness, emptiness, lost, loved we need to keep moving through our paths.

It is compulsory to be selfish towards our dreams and stay humble to others. Both of these go hand in hand. From holding our goals tightly to letting loose of the unnecessary things which pulls us back lies the true essence of our life.






                                       Let’s live a life full of satisfaction where there is no place for hatred towards any one. Keep your heart open  to everything and just chill. People come, some stay and others leave. Remember them but don’t stop yourself there when someone leaves. It is the basic rule of life, the one who comes will surely leave. The best example for this is “BIRTH”and “DEATH”.

                                       So, just accept the facts and move on with a little more confidence. When life pull down just take a step backward and come with energy which moves you ten steps forward. Learn to be as happy a child playing in the rain for the first time. Not only outer happiness but what matters is the inner soul contentment. Have good plans and see how the emptiness within you vanishes. Enjoy everything like a child, act like an adult, learn like a beginner, care like a mother, support like a father, irritate like a brother and convince as a sister. Above all let everything be simple and sweet.

With a broad imagination power move forward and believe in yourself and feel every blessing coming your way. Happiness will touch our hearts, success will touch our feet, emotions will flow through our eyes and there we are, on cloud nine.

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