"I am mine, before I am anyone else's" - an intellect


Self-love is important to have a happy and fulfilling life. As you grow older, you stumble upon situations where no one else is there for you. These are the times when you need to look out for yourself. You are the only one who can make yourself feel content. When you learn to accept yourself is when you start walking towards the path of success and happiness.


I have had tough time loving myself. Now that I look back I feel silly because who the heck gives so much importance to what others think? Well, I used to. But slowly and steadily I learned to give myself the credit I deserved. And man, does it feel good? It feels amazing.

Being “taken for granted” is one of the worst feeling that I wish people never face. But this is life and it is everything but fair. Once (at least) in lifetime, you come across a person whom you make sure to give the time of your day to and genuinely care about, and in return get treated indifferently or blatantly ignored. At times like this, you can’t help but feel like a fool.


Has it ever happened to you? If no, then congratulations!! You are far away from the realm of self-deprecation where you always feel “Maybe, I am not good enough”. But poor me has been through this ridiculous situation several times in the past and consequently I am here to share some very important life lessons that I have learnt in these long and tiring twenty years of my pitiful existence. Here we go!

  1. Repeat after me “I am enough”.

Never allow anyone to make you feel inadequate. Acknowledge your self-worth and don’t lose your confidence over people who do not realize your importance.

  1. Don’t be a pushover.

Being a weakling never helps. Make yourself mentally strong. If your efforts are not being recognized then stop making them. Don’t waste your time and affection on someone who make you feel like a loser because you are not one & no one should be allowed to make you feel otherwise. Be selfless but not a pushover.

  1. Set your priorities.

Make sure to keep yourself on number 1. Love yourself foremost then only you would be able to give to others. Always keep your priorities sorted and try to be a logical person while dealing with someone who is a potential threat to your mental health. Learn to keep your emotions on the side.

  1. Learn to walk away.

You are getting hurt. Walk away. Period.

  1. All situations are temporary.

People come and go in your life. Nothing lasts forever. Keep a positive outlook. One day you will find someone, who would be devoted to you. Never lose hope.

  1. Don’t make someone else main lead.

Always remember, you are the main character of this story you call life. Others are on the sidelines and sometimes they are supposed to give you company for a short time only. Do not become dependent. It’s your life. No one can take that away from you.


I hope the article made as much sense as it made in my mind. Here are 5 reminders to make your day better.


Never forget to love yourself! <3<3

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