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A very essential bridal accessory is the Matha Patti. It is a very important and beautiful piece of ornament worn on the forehead and gives a complete look to the bride. With a lot of Matha Patti in trend, I am sure a lot of brides-to-be are confused about which type to adorn. There are umpteen choices to choose from and I am going to make it easier for you guys! Let's see what's trending ☺️

1. Traditional Matha Patti: For ages, this has been every South Indian bride's favourite nethi chutti. Nothing can replace the traditional and complete look that it gives. A lot of new designs do invade but the kemp Matha Patti always stays in fashion.

2.Contemporary Matha Patti: The traditional kemp nethi chuttis come with a twist these days. With the evolution of 1 gram gold jewellery, the contemporary kemp designs have become very common. The brides who want to stay traditional, yet trendy, opt for this!

3. Single Matha Patti: Are you a bride who always loves to keep things simple yet elegant? Then this is what you should be wearing and did I tell you? It suits all types of face cuts

4.Pendant Matha Patti: Did you know that the pendant Matha Patti is the most sought  for Reception? I am sure most of you will agree. For Reception, if you prefer to wear grand sarees or lehengas, this is the best option if you do not want to overdo things. You can wear a single into a pendant one by hiding the string under your hair.

5.Layered Matha Patti: This is THE TREND right now! Step or layered Matha Patti is what the present day brides are crazy about. Made of golden balls or white pearls, these layered Matha Patti are very grand and stunning.



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