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Menstruation, or period is normal vaginal bleeding that occurs as a part of a normal woman’s monthly cycle. It usually starts between 11 and 14 years of age. After this age every girl’s body start preparing for pregnancy, but if no pregnancy occurs, the uterus and the womb starts shedding it’s lining due to which menstruation occurs.

This is a very important phase for every girl in her life so it is highly important to impart correct knowledge about menstrual cycle, it’s hygiene as well as on the proper usage of sanitary napkins. Some people especially in rural parts of India feel very shy on discussing on such topics rather the girls during their menstrual cycle are considered very ‘impure’ and ‘contaminated’ and are therefore barred from entering temples or performing any kind of important ritual or ceremony. But instead of running away from the issue, it is required that we as responsible citizens should act accordingly and take initiative to create awareness among young girls who have entered this stage or are going to face this phase.

Hygiene is very important during menstruation:

Ø One should follow hygienic practices during menstruation as not doing so can result in you getting fungal infections. Repeated infections lead to serious reproductive tract infections and can cause infertility in the long term.

Ø One should bathe regularly, use clean and dry feminine hygiene products such as cloths or sanitary napkins and change them regularly during menstruation. If you are using cloth, it is important that you regularly wash them with soap and water and dry them completely in the sun before use as damp clothing can carry germs that can lead to infections.

Ø The school for girls should have proper safe and separate washrooms for girls. There should be proper access to soap and water in girls’ washrooms and there should also be provision for girls’ sanitary napkins to be disposed off in properly and clean napkins must be provided in schools if anyone requires it.


Ø URINE INFECTION: Not keeping yourself lean during menstruation can invite a lot of bacteria which can lead to urine infection.

Ø RASHES: The main reason for rashes to occur is not changing the sanitary napkins frequently.

Ø CHANCES OF INFERTILITY: Using unclean clothes can pave way for bacteria, increasing the chances of infertility.

Ø CHANCES OF CERVICAL CANCER: Even though it’s rare, but there are enough possibilities of developing cervical cancer because of poor hygiene during periods.

Though women have to go through lot of pain during periods, but it is highly important that they take their care properly and maintain good hygiene so that they can prevent diseases.

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