“For some there’s therapy, for the rest of us there’s motorcycles”. –Anonymous


Bikes for boys are never merely a vehicle- a means of transportation; rather they are more of their companions. Most of my guy friends have given their bikes specific names, most of which are ridiculous [insert eyeroll] but that’s not the point. The point is that a bike holds a special place in a guy’s heart. So when they come of age when they can buy one, they turn into researchers to search the best one for them which falls into their budget. Though, in present time most of them (most is the keyword here) have their choice sorted: Royal Enfield Bullet. “Maine to bullt hi leni h”, yes without an ‘e’.


The mentioned bike is in crazy trend all over the India according to internet. I have eye witnessed it in the North. The number of RE Bullet Bike seen on the roads are steadily increasing as days go by. However Royal Enfield has some downsides like:

  • The vibration of the engine may bother some. While strangely, some love it.
  • The company has not evolved much and still uses old technology and no modern equipments.
  • Though it is partly a pro as it provides good highway stability.
  • Petrol consumption is more as compared to other beauties.
  • The seating is uncomfortable for really long distances.
  • Get ready to spend 3k-4k quarterly on maintenance if you are planning on buying one.
  • Oil Leakages.

Despite all of this, what may be the reason for the bike’s immense popularity? Let’s discuss.

  1. Class/ Brand Value

No one can deny that class matters nowadays. Android can get hundreds of better features but some people would still prefer to go with Apple. Why? Apple has class. Brand value matters. In somewhat similar fashion, Royal Enfield has established a name for itself in the market. Indisputably, the bike is a head-turner. On the road, Bullet riders are given as much importance as people with cars are.


  1. Agelessness

If you buy a good modern bike, use it for 10 years and then sell it. Most probably the bike’s market value would have gone down in a ditch. But this is not the case with RE. Its agelessness and retro feel is what makes it special. It has not evolved much from decades and most likely will remain the same way in the next decade with some minor modifications. I mean, it is already very old to start with and still doing good business so time doesn’t affect it much.


  1. Variety

Royal Enfield never fails to serve looks. Its retro look is all it takes for someone to buy it sometimes. It broadly has four types of Bullets, all of which are absolutely gorgeous:

  • Standard

  • Classic

  • Thunderbird

  • Himalayan


Choose your partner!


  1. Abundance of Torque

An RE engine has a scope of improvement as it lacks in stability and power. But the engine provides a fair amount of torque from the bottom of the rev band. Torque basically is something that keeps the vehicle running and thus let you experience a relaxed ride even in hilly areas.


  1. Travel Buddy

RE Bullet is a travelling companion for many. If maintained properly, the bike will never betray you. It can hold good in all types of weather conditions. People who love to go on trips have found way to make its seating more comfortable with some adjustments. There are two types of people: who love and accept RE and the second one are those who just ride it for the sake of it.

And people who love Bullet learn to have their way with it & enjoy going places with it.


  1. Cost

This motorcycle is totally made up of full metal and alloy parts with long life and is hand assembled. Other custom brands charge considerably higher for such classic looking bikes. Harley and Triumph are thrice the price of a RE. So considering all the personalized work put into making it and the brand value, you can say that bullet is not expensive.


Bullet makes people happy. Even to the point that some people have their sentiments attached to it. If you think that it can make you happy too then get one. Life is all about finding happiness after all. Have a nice day!

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