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Blue eye technology is a technology which was used in computers to act and sense like human beings to predict ones emotions and feelings and respond according to that. Blue eye technology was founded by IBM at its almaden, research centre in San Jose,California since 1997. Blue eye technology aims at creating perceptual powers of human beings by recognising their facial expressions and respond according to that.

By using this unique technology the computer can able to speak,listen,screech a loud.

With the help of speech recognition and facial recognition the computer can predict the mood of user and the computer will interact according to the user mood.The computer can sense your feelings and emotions by a touch which will be placed by you on the mouse.
The machine feels your presence and verifys you and interact with you as a human being and it can also act as your partner in understanding one's emotions and it will be a good thing to find it as a friend when you want to share your feelings with anyone.
With the help of blue eye technology the computer even can dial and call to your when situation demands.These things all are going to be done by using the eye like a thing for humans places in a computer to predict changes as eye for human being predicts and it was called as blue eye technology.
It was very useful technology by which we can easily interact with a computer in a different way as treating the computer as a familiar person to interact which can understand all the emotions with the help of sensors such as facial recognition and finger print
Sensor and many more in order to provide a wonderful experience to the user.So blue eye technology was used in many fields.
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