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“… Be a fitness maniac!!”

It is well said,” Fitness is like a relationship, you can’t cheat and expect it to work.” It gives a large meaning to our lives as health is considered the most valuable and precious for every individual. Nowadays, every person is busy in his own hustle of achieving their goals and to have a dream lifestyle, they are running continuously without knowing that their health is deteriorating with each passing day as work nowadays include sitting in front of screens for hours as a result of which the people and especially the youth is not able to take care of their most important treasure ,i.e, their health. But they should understand that they cannot bring any revolution in this world if their own body and health is not co-operating with them. They need to work on their fitness equally as it will also contribute equally in their ultimate success.

 Fitness is something that you need to work upon daily even if you don’t want to and it is something that will never let you down, but will always enhance your personality and confidence. It always makes us feel young no matter how old we get. Fitness is a broader term that includes the condition of being physically healthy, especially exercises and proper nutrition. It even includes being mentally healthy. Basically, it is not only a state of absence of disease in the body but a complete physical, mental, social as well as spiritual well-being of an individual.

Factors leading to poor fitness among people:

(a) Unhealthy environment due to over population, excessive industrialization, air and water pollution.

(b)Lack of time due to improper scheduling of work

(c)Living a superfast and super busy life, thus no time left for oneself.

But today social sites are playing a major role in motivating people to achieve good health as people follow their favourite actors or players who post regularly about their fitness status, their gyms and workouts etc. which motivate others to achieve the same fitness levels. Proper fitness can be achieved by:

Gymming: It includes working on different machines according to the individual requirements of the person. We see regularly that the actors are seen spending hours in gym to achieve a perfectly toned body.

Yoga and exercises: Performing different yogasans regularly can keep our body away from different diseases. It also helps to maintain proper breathing and respiration.

Proper and healthy diet: One should consume proper and healthy diet which one of the most important aspects of a perfect body. The person can also follow the diet chart as prescribed by the dietician.

Thus, healthy body can play an important role in paving your road to success. Thus it is very important to maintain a healthy and fit body.



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