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Best beaches in the world

"To escape and sit quietly on the beach – that's my idea of paradise" this is what Emilia Wickstead thinks about beaches. Similarly, we all have unique and vivid definitions when asked about beaches.

Beaches can also be proclaimed as paradise because this is an ultimate place where you could feel the eternal peace. You only have the gushing sounds of the sea waves and chirping of the bids (if any).

But there are a whole lot of beaches around the world, which are the good better and best out of them? This article would help you out to trace out 7 best beaches for you around the world, and make it point that you definitely visit these beaches once in your lifetime.

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1. Cathedrals Beach – Spain

best beaches

Spain, a place that is a beautiful hub of art, history, monuments, and magnificent mountains, urbane cultured cities, and many other luscious beauties.

Along with the list of beauties beaches are also one amongst them and starting off with our list of best beaches Cathedrals Beach, Spain ranks first.

In the Galician language it means "Beach of the Holy Waters". And this beach is also declared as the "Natural Monument" by the Regional Ministry of the State because this beach inhibits stone cliffs which is not manmade and that holds the beauty of this beach.

Want to see the beauty? Click on this link to view -

2. La Digue – Seychelles

best beaches

Water has got no color but this beach water definitely has, it has got beautiful turquoise colored water accompanied with white sand, dancing palm trees and luscious greenery.

The water you see in this beach is actually the shining beauty of Indian Ocean and this beach can mostly be viewed in many motion films and the beauty it holds makes this place ranked as the most photographed beaches in the world.

Don’t you want to visit this place? If not then I assure you that after viewing this video you would definitely make up your mind and soul to visit it once -

3. One Foot Island Aitutaki – Cook Islands

best beaches

It is said to be the second most visited islands in the Cook Islands region. You can enjoy the beautiful lagoons over here and it has got a whole lot of palm trees (which is the signature of a beach site).

This island is also regarded as the "Australasia's Leading Beach" in World Travel Awards in 2008.

Why do we go to the beach? To enjoy your vacations peacefully right, this island is the perfect one for such kinds of stuff because this island hasn’t been equipped by mass population. And they also inhibit one of the oldest churches of Cook Islands.

Want to explore more about this hidden beauty, click on -

4. Shell Beach – Western Australia


"One cannot collect all the beautiful shells on the beach" this quote was made by Anne Spencer, and this quote remains so true this beach because the beauty of this beach (shells) cannot be taken in your pockets.

This beach is located in the Shark Bay region in Western Australia, the only reason why this beach is different from the rest of the beaches is that this beach is covered with shells for over the stretch of 60km.

Usually, you have silky sand sprawled around in beach but this has something different in store for you. And these shells are known as Fragum Cockle. Now, this beach has been proclaimed as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Curious to know more, click on this link -

5. Pink Beach – Philippines

best beaches

You can spot this place in Great Santa Cruz Island which is in a city named Zamboanga. Every beach is unique in itself and this one is really very unique.

We all have heard of black, white and usual sand color but this beach has got pink colored sand too. Shocking isn’t it? This beach has got the pink pinch in its sand because of "organ-pipe coral" which is bright red in color.

Whenever sea tide hits the coasts it brings these organ-pipe corals with them and eventually they break into pieces and get mixed with the white sand and when you look at it rather than read it would give a pinkish hue to the sand and you could view the pink sand noticeably on the shores.

Don’t you want to know more about this pink beach, so go ahead by clicking on this link to explore more of it -

6. Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach – Iceland

best beaches

Different in name and different in appearance too, this entire beach (180 km) is filled with black sand and sidelined by rocky sea stalks on the coasts known as "Reynisdrandar".

Walking around this beach would definitely give chills down your spine if you visit it during the evenings, and these massive sea stalks are the home for many birds like Fulmars, Guillemots, and Puffins.

Reynisfjara was listed down by National Geographic as Top 10 non-tropical beaches to visit on the planet in 1991.

I am sure you would love to trek through this mystic black beauty, to view about it click on -

7. Papakolea Beach – Hawaii

best beaches

So till now, we have confronted usual sand, black, pink and white and now it’s the turn for green sand.

The Almighty has really done miraculous acts beaches being definitely one of it. And in the entire world, there are only 4 green sand beaches.

This beach gets its green color from "Tuff Ring", and it has got volcanic ashes produced through the collision of magma and groundwater.

Don’t you want to know more about this green beauty? So go ahead and click on this link to know more -

So these were the 7 best beaches around the world, do try to visit all of them.

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