“Travelling alone will be the most scariest, most liberating, life changing experience of your life.” - Anonymous


On some days, don’t you have a persistent urge to go somewhere (like anywhere) just to get peace of mind, away from all the fuss that you daily face? To an unfamiliar place where you can just have fun without being disturbed or prodded by anyone. Just you, only you & no one else.

Presently mental stress has become a very common issue among youngsters. But of course, people find a way to deal with it. One way is to have a short break time to time to keep yourself sane in this insane world. Aaand…. travelling always acts as a stress buster but have you tried travelling alone? Never? It definitely deserves a try.




It is always fun to go on a trip with family or friends. But sometimes you just don’t feel like dealing with anyone you know on a personal level, to detach yourself for a little bit and refresh yourself. A solo trip can be a great option to recharge yourself mentally. Imagine- you are on your own among unknown people ready to find some unrevealed and hidden stories about a place. Feels exhilarating, right? No fear of getting judged so you can be your real crazy self. Talking to strangers (be careful!) and getting little snippets of their lives can never be not interesting. Taking a deep breath and taking in the beautiful scenery around for the first time gives a strange sense of happiness.

We live such busy lives that we don’t realize how beautiful the world actually is. It’s the same hectic routine everyday that you forget that there is an outside world that is just waiting for you to explore it. So next time when you have some free time on your hands, just pack your bags and go somewhere you have never been too.

Going to a different city or country makes you feel independent. It boosts your confidence. If you are a shy person it can help to reduce your hesitation. You get to know how much capable you are of handling yourself. Solo trips are empowering.

Things you need to keep in mind before going to a solo trip:

  1. Make sure to pack all the necessary stuff in your backpack according to the duration of your trip. Clothes, toiletries, charger, earphones/headphones, camera, first aid are the basic items. Think of anything else that you might need taking into account different situation that can occur. This will help you to pack smarter.
  2. Know the place where you are going. Doing some research about the preferably wisely-chosen place will do you some good. Google about the culture, the language, the religions and the food or you can ask a friend about it if they have been there before.
  3. Budget is the most important thing. Choose the place, the hotels & restaurants by taking your budget into consideration. Ensure that you have enough money to spare on shopping, bringing souvenirs and other adventurous (if you are up for it!) activities. You need to get the best out of your experience.
  4. Dress accordingly. The clothes should be comfortable but always dress in a way to not offend anyone at a new place. Some tourist places don’t allow visitors to dress in minimal clothing. There are various clothing bans around the world. Be aware.
  5. Going alone to a different city or country is very empowering. But never forget to inform your loved ones about your trip and setting emergency contacts in your mobile. Don’t take risks.
  6. Be polite to the locals. Keep a smile on your face while interacting with others. Avoid conflicts.
  7. Remember to follow the rules. What is allowed in your country might be considered as an offence in another. So always read the rulebook of the place you are paying a visit to, to avoid any unwanted obstacles. Don’t be reckless.

Have you ever traveled alone? If no then where do you want to go first, else share your experience in the comments below. I would love to know your experience.

Have a nice day!

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