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Technology is changing our lives

"Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation" very rightly quoted by Dean Kamen, an American Engineer.

Marshall McLuhan coined the term "Global Village" and he defined this term by saying – "The world would be interconnected through an electronic nervous system". And look what happened internet was born to the world in the 1950's with the coming up of electronic computers and it changed the pace and meaning of technology altogether.

Internet plays a major role in everyone's lives and with some of the other thinking tanks experimenting with the use of the internet has actually evolved the definition and use of technology in vivid genres/fields.

So in this article, we are going to look through the latest technological developments in different areas around the world, so hold on to shock you with few unknown miracles of technology.

Blockchain Technology

Amazon Go

latest technology

We all must be familiar with Amazon but not so familiar with the term "Amazon Go". Yes, this is the new gift of technology that has taken place in the field of shopping, and the first Amazon Go store is exclusively available to you only in Seattle, Washington, and Chicago.

Till now we all ordered the stuff through online medium now you can visit the Amazon Go store and purchase your goods. But this sounds the same as usual shopping, the newness in this innovation is that you just have to grab and go with the product. Confused?

Well in this store you just have to enter the store through a QR code and get it scanned at the entrance, pick the product you want and simply walk out of the store the payment would be done automatically through our Amazon Wallet. Fun isn’t it?

To have a look click on:

Sophia Robot

sophia robot latest technology

Stephen Hawking has predicted that with the coming up of robots they would rule over humans.

But still we are very far from that period and experiments have started all over the world in the field of robotics, and Sophia robot is one of its outcomes and mind you she is the first "Robot Citizen" in the world and she is made through AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Artificial Intelligence is really doing wonders around the world and Sophia is definitely is the best outcome of it, if you look through her interviews there would merely be a line of difference between humans and Sophia, because  she smiles, has a sad face and an angry face too and along with that she is a robot with smartness.

Curious to know more about her, definitely click on this link:

Internet of Things (IoT)

amazon echo latest technology

We have partially entered into the era of IoT, just look at the speed of technology. Earlier we had to get up and switch off the lights, fans, AC's but now everything would happen at just your order through your smart devices.

In the market you have Amazon Echo, Alexa, Siri, and much other technological advancement. What all smart appliances (Internet connectivity) we have at our home we can switch them on, off or pause or even play.

And as per Gartner 20.8 billion devices would be connected with internet by 2020, just 1 and a half year left for that.

To view a demo of such marvelous technology click on:


5G latest technology

We all still struggle with 3G and 4G and look 5G has arrived. San Marino is the first place in the world that is going to have the 5G test in their country and they are the smallest Republic Nation.

And 5G would be 10 times faster than 4G, till now we all were struggling with buffering issues now after the coming of 5G forget buffering and start enjoying your YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime but there would be a delay of at least 2 – 3 years because in India we people are still struggling with 3G issues. So actuality of 5G in India would take a long-term of waiting.

To ease up your knowledge on 5G watch this video:

Bioengineered Body Parts

bioengineered body parts latest technology

Science is growing at its peak, just imagine what is technology and science collides it could create history. Bioengineered body parts are one of its examples.

A group of doctors from Duke University made the first Bioengineered blood vessel into a biotic element and that is a human, and it proved to be a great success.

It was free from infections and this artificial blood vessel was taken well inside the body and helped in producing blood cells at a better rate.

Wonderful isn’t it? To know more about t click on:

Technology is working at a faster rate and new things are evolved out of it, technology has both good and a bad effect of it just like too much of good thing is also a bad thing.

Technology is evolving and its good until and unless it's not only used for an individual's benefit.

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