It is really easy to sit and judge everyone around  without even giving a thought that whether am I perfect? The basic question is why do people judge others? They are many reasons to be judged like the one who is judging really don't know you well or the person who is judging you may want you to act according to them or many more. But the real question is that are you doing justice to yourself and to the one you are judging? By judging someone according to your perceptions in a group of people can sometimes defame their character. Just think about it.

We will easily judged each other but when someone judges us we will be like "How dare you judge me?  You fake people, why don't you stay in your limits? Has tongue does not have bone you will speak anything etc etc etc but just bear in mind that I should always be ready to face what people speak about me. Be open to  judgement because most of them are not correct. In most cases, we  get judged because the one who is judging us in order to feel better about themselves, because they are lacking self-acceptance and self-love.

Just remember that the only person who can judge you is yourself. No one else know you the way you know yourself. Just ignore the people who thinks you are not capable. Most people are only present to throw stones on others paths. So when you are around such people just try to stay polite to them because staying polite to the one who you do not like will never make you fake but rather will show your high maturity levels.

“When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself."                ~ Wayne Dyer

Hence as you feel bad when people judge you, you should also learn how to put your belief system aside when judging people and not to make any conclusions before you gather enough information.

I think when pigs fly judging unnecessarily will come to an end.

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