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“After women, flowers are the most divine creations.”- Christian Dior


Having a pretty garden at home can bring some color to our mundane lives. Colorful flowers of various sizes swaying slightly in the wind uplifts the mood and make you feel refreshed after a tiring day.

There are some flowers which are available throughout the year but most of the flowers are season-specific. Plants do not grow much during cold season but if proper care is provided then you can make a flower-bed that can withstand winter. So here are some blossoms which you can plant in your gardenia this winter:

  1. Calendula

Pot Marigold is another name for these yellow or orange blooms that are best sown in October. Their flowering period is from January to April but can be extended by deadheading them regularly. Make sure that they get direct sunlight. They can grow up to 30 cm or more. Along with making your garden look elegant, calendulas have anti-septic, antibiotic and cosmetic benefits too.

  1. Pansy

Pansies are flat-faced looking babies which are found in various colors (can be bicolor) like yellow, red, white, orange, bronze, gold, violet, lavender and nearly black (dark purple). They grow 15-23 cm tall and have heart-shaped, overlapping petals. Unfortunately, pansies are not heat-resistant and hence prefer cold-weather. They specialize in attracting butterflies- bonus!

  1. Petunias

Petunias are one of the most popular garden flowers that prefer full sun but stop setting flowers in extreme heat. They are being used as garden flowers for generations now. The flowers can have pink, blue, purple or multicolored petals as there are many hybrids. Petunias need plenty of water as they are heavy-feeders. Remember to apply a liquid fertilizer every 10 to 14 days. Did you know that these pretty blooms are known to symbolize anger and resentment towards someone? Well now you do!

  1. Dianthus(Sweet William)

Here we have another small plant which is usually 15-45 cm tall. Dianthus florets have spicy fragnance and their strong colors can give your garden a summery feel in winters. With petals of pink, purple, red, white or bicolor, they thrive under partial shade. They do well in summers too. There are numerous kinds of dianthus so there is one for every garden situation. They look like cute pencil shavings, don’t they?

  1. Marigold

Garden or not most Indian family have this plant whether in a pot on the terrace or outside the house. Generally known as Genda, Marigolds are yellow or orange globe-like flowers.They look enchanting in sunlight and also have the same benefits as Calendula since they belong to the same family.

In 13th century, a Roman Poet, Aemilius Macer wrote that merely gazing at the flowers (Marigolds) will draw “wicked humours out of head”, “comfort the heart” and make “the sight bright and clean”.

  1. Cockscomb

Wool flowers and Celosia are the other names of this alluring flowering plant. Although the flower has no fragnance, its vibrant color makes up for it. The flower is velvety and ruffled and looks like a brain. They are seen in red, yellow, pink and gold colors. They die if they get overly dry, frost can kill them too. They are known for their long vase lives.

  1. Dahlia

If you are a lazy person then go for Dahlias as they require very little effort and still reward you with full stunning blooms. They are also available in variety of colors. The plant has glossy leaves and can grow up to five feet. These flamboyant bulbs come in different sizes- small, medium and large. They can be a wonderful addition to your ornamental garden.



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