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Want to know the meanings of these Logos?

We all tend to remember any brand through its logo be it a lifestyle, eatery or smartphones. Whenever we see brands logos we don’t take them seriously, we think that it's simply a logo in which the brand's name is written; as simple as that.

But that’s not the true case different logos have different meanings engraved within it, you really need to put in concentration to track the actual meaning or the motto of the brand through those logos.

So let's jaunt through 10 famous logos and the hidden meaning in them, and trust me after knowing these facts you would keenly start observing logos and try to bring out the hidden meaning in it.

10 Unknown facts about World

1. Formula 1

formula 1 logos
Image: http://dxmediagroup.net

We all are familiar with Formula one logo; if you look carefully you can spot "F" in the logo but what about 1?

Look carefully you could spot out 1 in it. Just carefully look between F and the Red strips it forms 1.

So this was the actual derivation of Formula 1.

2. Baskin Robbins

This brand is famous for savoring our taste buds with tasty ice-creams; we all remember its logo. But

famous logos
Image: http://www.cnbc.com

do you know how many flavors does it serve you?

Well the logo itself shouts out the number of flavors it serves you, the Baskin Robbins logo is in pink and blue color and if you look carefully the pink color on the logo depicts the number 31.

Innovative isn’t it? And the number 31 depicts that the guests of Baskin Robbins must enjoy the fun and flavor of the ice-cream every day of the month.

3. Hyundai

famous logos
Image: http://www.hyundai-forums.com

We all have seen this brand's logo and we all tend to think that its logo has got the letter "H" which symbolizes the first letter of the brand name, but it's not the actuality.

The letter "H" in it symbolizes the client and the company representative shaking hands, shocked right; even I was when I got to know about it.

4. Adidas

The name of the brand was kept after its founder "Adolf Dassler". This brand has kept on changing but one thing remained the same in it – three strips in

famous logos
Image: http://commons.wikimedia.org


The latest logo that we have is like a triangle shape including 3 strips; the triangle in the logo symbolizes a mountain which tells about the challenges and obstacles faced by the athletes.

5. Apple

I personally love Apple's logo; it's very different and unique. But are you guys aware of the hidden meaning in the logo?

famous logos
Image: http://www.leoprinting.co.uk

Rob Janoff, designer of Apple logo bought a lot of apples and drew it through different angles to get something innovative out of it but he wasn’t able to until and unless he took a bite from it.

After taking a bite he thought that bite sounded exactly like "Byte" which is a computer term.

Rob Janoff had really got a creative mind though.

6. Amazon

famous logos
Image: http://www.wkar.org

We all are familiar with this name and logo and the logo of this company reveals the true motto of Amazon.

If you look carefully in Amazon there is an arrow that stretches from A to Z, and that arrow represents the smile on the face of a customer and in addition to it, the arrow stretches from A to Z which means you can search for all sorts of products on Amazon.

Simple but very creative thought.

7. Toyota

famous logos
Image: http://thenewswheel.com

Next on board is a famous Japanese car producer, its logo is quite simple but very narrative and descriptive if you could make out the meaning hidden in it.

The logo of Toyota represents the threading passing through a needle head which tells that earlier this company used to manufacture weaving machines.

And if you look more keenly then you could spell out the word Toyota from the logo itself.

8. BMW

famous logos
Image: http://www.theautomotiveindia.com

We all are aware of this famous car brand, well this brand was originated in Bavaria which is a small state in Germany that is the reason why it carries blue and white color which is the color of the Bavarian flag.

And it is said that the center part of the logo depicts the propeller of an airplane which also symbolizes the company's past which was aviation technology.

9. Pinterest

famous logos
Image: http://digitalsynopsis.com

What is Pinterest all about? It's all about just pinning up the images we like across the internet and this pinup idea is depicted through this logo.

If you look at the logo at letter "P" in Pinterest is actually symbolizing a pin, simple and straightforward.

10. Toblerone

famous logos
Image: http://ftw.usatoday.com

We all must have tasted this massive chocolate and the logo of this product is of a mountain but if you take a closer look you could see a bear on the mountain.

Toblerone is made in Bern (city of bears), Switzerland and Bern have a lot of bear well if you Google about Bern you would see a lot of buildings having bears image on it. Well, this logo was quite meaningful and descriptive.

I hope you got to know something new today and remember one thing start being observant because you never know you derive something new which may create history.

To know more click on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKc271fj2ok

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