Sleep is as important as food and water for your body to function properly. It cleans the brain of toxins, restores physical energy and also regulates your mood. While sleeping the immune system gets strong and memorization & information processing goes inside your brain. It makes you more creative and makes memories stronger.


More Benefits of Sleep:

  • You will be more attentive and focused.
  • Good control on temper and other emotions.
  • Less fatigue, more stamina and motivation.
  • Patience level increases.
  • Decreases anxiety & irritability, deals with depression and make you Happier.
  • Decreases inflammation and the chance of getting heart diseases.
  • Nourishes and reboots the mind.
  • Good sleep = Longer lifespan.

Getting insufficient sleep can be a very displeasing experience. Everyone goes through it at some point in their life whether due to stress & tension, work overload, psychological conditions, medication or lack of nutrition. And when you don’t sleep properly it seems to affect everything else. It becomes difficult to go through your daily routine as you keep yawning and feel worn-out throughout the day.

Warning Signs That Indicates You Need Sleep:

  1. Dozing-off: While driving, sitting in a lecture or a meeting, do you keep falling into a light sleep where everything just blurs out? Then my dear friend it’s time for you to take a little break from everything and get some quality sleep.

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  2. Forgetful: Have you become spacey and more careless? Do things tend to slip your mind? Being absentminded can be a sign that you are in a dire need of sleep.

  3. Lack of energy: Sleep deprivation causes fatigue both physical and mental. You feel tired all the time and if you have an irregular sleeping pattern then you don’t feel refreshed even after sleeping.

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  4. Losing Temper: Lack of sleep induces mental instability. A sleep deprived person feels irritated and impatient most of the time, resulting in them lashing out at others.

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  5. Dependence on Caffeine: Sleep deprived people frequently find themselves slouching on the couch while sipping on a coffee or energy drink to keep themselves get-going for the day. Well, the better option would be to catch the much needed sleep.

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Dangers of Sleep Deprivation:

Sleep deprivation comes with various health risks. Only one week of insufficient sleep can interfere with the proper functioning of your body. It can lead to medical conditions like obesity, stroke, diabetes, coronary heart disease and even premature death if it goes on for a long time. Here is a picture depicting the negative effects of sleep deprivation on your body:

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Tips For A Good Night Sleep:

  • Maintain a healthy routine. Try to be consistent. Follow your schedule with dedication.
  • Go to bed and wake up at same time daily. A biological alarm will be set up by your body after some time and a healthy sleeping pattern will be maintained.
  • Exercise daily. If you have a busy schedule, try to squeeze a 10 minute walk in your daily routine. Avoid exercising just before going to bed.
  • Throw your phone away at bed-time (not literally). Do not use gadgets at sleeping hours.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol before sleep. While caffeine makes you more alert - resulting in tossing and turning in the bed, alcohol makes you more relax but decreases the quality of sleep.
  • Take a warm bath before sleeping. It relaxes the body and makes it easy to sleep fast.
  • Do not sleep at daytime for long hours.
  • Never go to bed with an empty stomach. Eat atleast three hours before you go to sleep.
  • Try reading a book.
  • If nothing seems to help you out of this condition then take medical help to ensure that you are not dealing with something serious like Insomnia, Sleep Apnoea or Circadian Rythms.


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