Today's generation is so fast and trendy so people might not have enough time to cook by themselves and also fast foods are very delicious. Even if we ask a small kid about his favourite food he used to reply fast foods like pani puri,Gobi manchurian,etc. Fast foods emerged very fastly and attracted every one because they are easy to cook.

Eating fast foods for a night is ok but addicting to fast foods is very dangerous and leads to so many problems to health due to the stuff which was used to prepare that.

Fast foods effects badly on human health by causing obesity, chronic diseases and many more which are long-term diseases and it's addiction won't leave a man and made him suffer more and more.

Fast foods are not necessarily bad,but in many cases it is highly processed and contains large amounts of carbohydrates,added sugar,unhealthy fats and salts like sodium.These foods are high at providing calories but they are might be very low at providing nutritional food.Replacing of nutritional food with high calorie foods leads to health issues.

Due to usage of contents like oil and other stuff it tempts a man to eat it and its appearance also impress anyone that it's look tasty and as it appears it looks tasty but it made everyone to suffer who addicts to it. So one should control oneself not to addict for it.

Excess calories from fast foods leads to diseases like obesity increases risk for respiratory problems,including asthma and shortness of breath.

According to a study published in 2013 in JAMA PEDIATRICS children and adults take in more amount of calories from fast foods.

ROBERT WOOD JOHNSON FOUNDATION said that many people  underestimate the amount of calories in fast foods.

However fast foods available at very cheap cost and very easy to prepare so it might be a strong reason for everyone to addict.

So,it would better to control yourself from taking fast foods in order to lead a healthy life.


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