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Why is MeToo going viral?

Most of the people especially youngsters would have come to know about MeToo campaign only after Tanushree Dutta alleging against Nana Patekar for physical misconduct again her. But where you people aware of the fact that this campaign actually existed since 2017?

Yes, MeToo campaign came into existence in 2017 which was a monstrous incident where Harvey Weinstein (Hollywood Producer) was accused by 70 women regarding sexual harassment. And the creator of this campaign is Alyssa Milano. This campaign was awarded as "Person of the Year" by Time Magazine.

And now in 2018, it came into India also and this campaign has shaken the name and fame of many renowned personalities like celebrities, journalists, comedians, and politicians too.

So let's look upon the cases that came out in public with the help of MeToo campaign, come on let's unfold the reality of the influencers and the so-called opinion leaders of our nation.

Is Fashion and Rape Correlated?

1. Nana Patekar

MeToo campaign

Let's start with the case that gained momentum to this campaign. Tanushree after a decade and broke the bitter reality in an interview, where she accused Nana Patekar of his misconduct against her in the year 2008.

She said that this incident took place when they were shooting for a movie "Horn Ok Pleassss"; she stated that he misbehaved with her on the film set.

She stated in an interaction with HT that she fled from the Bollywood Industry because of fear of again falling into the wrong hands and also lack of authority. She even stated that she went up to the Actors association and film's producer but all of it went futile.

2. Vikas Bahl

MeToo campaign

Lekha Washington and one of the employees who earlier worked with Phantom Films accused Vikas Bahl (Director of Queen and Phantom Films co-owner) for sexual harassment.

Statements were given by the victims against he was that he touched them at their private places and behaved disrespectfully with them.

Lekha Washington in her tweets said that he is the least offensive in misogynistic in Bollywood industry and ironically stated that he directs only feminist films.

3. Rajat Kapoor

MeToo campaign

Actor Rajat Kapoor was also accused of sexual harassment by 2 women and later a journalist revealed out a telephonic conversation of Rajat Kapoor with her, in which he asked "Are you as sexy as you sound?" and "What are your vital stats?".

Later Rajat Kapoor went onto Twitter for conveying his apologies, he said in his tweet that "All his life he has tried to be a decent man but unfortunately there was a slip of words so I would like to apologize for the trauma and pain caused and apologize from the bottom of my heart."

4. Chetan Bhagat

MeToo campaign

This name was never ever expected in this list but sadly his name is engaged in MeToo campaign. A lady has accused him of having a flirtatious conversation on social media.

But Chetan Bhagat is adamant on the point that he didn’t commit anything wrong, he said that he is being attacked and insulted and his name is forcefully dragged into it.

He said that MeToo campaign is working for a good cause and many genuine cases are involved and revealed through it but I am not part of this heinous act.

He went onto Facebook and posted his part of the story for his fans and readers.

5. Alok Nath

MeToo campaign

Vinta Nanda (Writer-producer) has accused him of sexual harassment and allegedly raping her and these lines fell like a bomb on me because this man was always looked upon on as "Sanskari".

Another bomb fell when Sandhya Mridul (Bollywood Actress) also opened up about her awful experience with Alok Nath during her film shoot. In which she stated that Alok Nath was an alcoholic and really misbehaved with her by yelling and holding her and screaming out "I want you, you are mine".

After this case I truly make this as my Bible sentence "Appearances are deceptive", this sentence actually holds in-depth meaning.

6. MJ Akbar

MeToo campaign

Well next on board is a state minister of external affairs, 14 women have filed cases against him.

Earlier the ladies were facing a problem in revealing out the truth to the world but thanks to journalist Priya Ramani who valiantly tweet her bad experience with MJ Akbar later other women also came up with their part of the story.

What a contradiction, currently MJ Akbar is in Nigeria talking about women empowerment; just look what kind of heinous acts he has done. At times people in power think that they are the supreme authority and no one can move a step against them, but the truth always wins it some or the other way finds a way out to outshine the culprit.

And there are many more names to go it's just the beginning there is a lot to come. Many people accuse MeToo campaign as wrong practice saying that with the help of the word "allegedly" women can raise their fingers at anyone.

But on the other hand, there are people who are saying that this was a much-needed campaign because it has helped to bring out the gruesome reality of the celebrities and caretakers of the law.

Every coin has 2 sides so definitely this campaign would have its own good and bad outcomes but the important part is to have a team that could look up to the cases put up through this campaign and finds out the actuality behind these accusations.

So what are your views on #MeToo campaign?

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