If we turn around and look even a 5th standard child is on Instagram, such is its reach. Earlier it was Facebook now Instagram is the forum to flaunt or disseminate about what you are doing.

It could be you work out sessions at gym or home, partying, sleeping, studying, and draping a saree or even getting bored. And whenever we put up some videos or pictures we always look for how many likes, comments or views have it got.

In some of the other way we get bothered with these 3 elements on Instagram. There are many bloggers or vloggers who put up their pictures of their photo shoot and as usual, we petty people tend to get bothered and start cursing ourselves.

Our usual thought going on would be "why on earth I can't get so many likes or why are my pictures so monotonous and boring?"

Don’t worry pals this blog is going to tell you 7 cool photo tricks for Instagram where you could pull more eyeballs and more hearts for your pictures. So let's look up to some innovative and homely ideas for awesome Insta ready pictures:

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1. Rainbow Effect

instagram tricks

To get a beautiful rainbow effect for your portrait picture all you need is your mobile, a little bit of light and a CD.

Place the CD where light falls on it and then tilt the CD onto your face which emits a rainbow reflection to your face and now simply clicks your picture.

2. Rainy Effect

instagram tricks

Well if you want a rainy effect on your picture it's very simple, all you should have is sprinkler and a glass frame.

Now place this frame in front of your face and sprinkle water on it (not too much because then it would look messy) and just pose you would get the beautiful rainy effect on your picture.

3. Macro Lens Effect

A macro lens is very costly but you could get the effect of the macro lens through your mobile camera just with a drop of

instagram tricks



Yes, just put a drop of water on the mobile camera and then click you would get a macro effect to your picture.

4. Firefly Lights

This trend is all over Instagram; definitely, do check for such pictures they are super awesome all you need firefly lights and a person who would

instagram tricks

help in assisting with your mobile and lights.

So the person who is being clicked just needs to wrap a few firefly lights around them and stretch its loop towards the mobile so that few of the lights go out of focus and give a beautiful bokeh look to your picture.

5. Long exposure pictures

In this, you would need a sufficient amount of light just to light up your subject and a flashlight.

Now for clicking such pictures, you must set your shutter speed really very fast, and the subject must also be still like dead (if you move it would give a blurry effect). And

instagram tricks

remember to set a timer (3 seconds) before you click.

Now hit the shutter button and move around the light around the subject in whichever way.

For this definitely, you would need a second person to assist you. Now if you see the picture you could see a ray of light all around (it would be better if you have a bit dark background).

6. Prism

instagram tricks

Next, you can use a prism for clicking pictures this would give a different and reflective look to your picture. All you need is a prism.

Just place the prism on the sides of your camera lens and click (don’t place it in front of the camera lens).

Enjoy a reflective and professional image that could get you a bundle of likes and kudos for your creativity.

7. Waterproof transparent bag

instagram tricks

Well in this trick you just need to place your phone in a waterproof transparent bag, dip it in water and enjoy underwater photography.

Or else you could place your mobile in a plastic cover and then apply blue and red marker over the camera lens region (partially both the colors).

Now when you click a picture it would give a vibrant touch to it.

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