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Do you love haunted?

Other than manmade haunted houses we have natural haunted places scattered in India. Some people get Goosebumps by just listening to the word haunted.

But there are a few daring and challenging souls who love to visit these places and spend their quality night time with supernatural powers around them.

In Delhi if we speak only one name comes to our mind that is "Agrasen ki Baoli", but there are other places also in India which could give you shiver down your spine with unusual screaming and howling.

So if you are a daring soul then definitely pin these places in your haunted trek across India, and those 7 best eerie places are as follows:

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1. Dumas Beach, Gujarat

dumas beach, haunted place
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Gujarat a place which is culturally rich and famous for its diamond trades this place is also known for its spooky beach site. Dumas Beach is situated near Surat.

Beaches seem to be beautiful and awestruck during the daytime but beware this beach is not so beautiful and awestruck during the night.

There have been testimonials that say if you wade around the beach you could listen to whispers that tend to warn you from crossing certain lines on the beach.

And earlier it was believed that this beach was used a burial ground and those tortured souls rule this beach during the night time.

And there have been cases of many people dying and mysteriously going unreported on this beach, so if you are valiant enough to stroll with those tortured souls then definitely visit this place.

2. The Shaniwarwada Fort, Pune

shaniwarvada, haunted place
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For some this name might not be so new you ought to have heard it in the movie called Bajirao Mastani, this was actually built in 1732 in the honor of Peshwa Bajirao I.

But along with history, this monument unfolds few haunted stories and spooky events. It is said that in 1773 the 5th ruling king of Pune was murdered on the orders of his uncle and aunt.

There are testimonials that say that people have heard the screams saying "kaka mala wachawat". And later in the early 1800's, there was a great ranging fire inside the fort that took the lives of many, and it is believed that their souls also roam around that fort.

So want to confront the Maratha souls? Get set and go to this fort the eerie screams are waiting for you.

3. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

bhangarh fort, haunted place
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Well, this place is located on its way from Alwar to Jaipur. And if you look onto Google for haunted places this name would be very frequent in the list, which means definitely this place has something in store for the daring souls.

When the Bhangarh Fort was attacked by Jai Singh II in 1720 the place tend to change, after his victory over this place gradually Bhangarh's population decreased, people were dying from famine and people who lived fled from that place.

People who are even living near this fort don’t have roofs over their homes, because as per them whenever they built a roof it tends to fall.

bhangarh fort, haunted place
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Even the ASI has put up an instruction board saying that you cannot step into the fort area from the time between sunsets to sunrise, it is a punishable offense.

Still, you want to test your destiny (valiant souls) you must definitely visit this place.

4. The Lambi Dehar Mines, Mussoorie

lambi dehar mi9nes, haunted place
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This place is situated in the outskirts of Mussoorie, earlier this place had a mine and it is said that 50,000 workers working over there and most of them die painful deaths.

And there were many road accidents occurring in that particular place, people have also witnessed a witch roaming around that area. And many people have heard strange noises when they pass through this area.

Want to experience witchy feelings then turn your car to Mussoorie.

5. Down Hill Kurseong, Darjeeling

downhill kurseong, haunted place
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Darjeeling is really a very beautiful place but within that beauty also you get a spooky air when you pass by Victoria High School. This place has witnessed a whole lot of paranormal activities.

Many people have claimed that they have seen a headless boy strolling through the streets and following them and then suddenly disappear.

This place has reported a larger number of suicides because people say if you have seen that headless soul then it would haunt you even in your dreams and pull you to depression and anxiety and ultimately many people commit suicide out of fear.

So if you want to actually experience paranormal activity other than watching it on TV and online, definitely visit this place.

6. The Savoy Hotel, Uttarakhand

savoy hotel, haunted place
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This hotel has gifted us with a novel named "The Mysterious Affair at Styles" which was Agatha Christie's first novel.

This place is said to be haunted because a spiritualist named Frances Garnett Orme was found dead in her room and the room was locked from inside.

People say that her soul haunts at night time and people who come to live there listen to her whispers.

So don’t wait for too much to spend your quality days with British spiritualists, get set and go.

7. Three Kings Church, Goa

three kings church goa, haunted places
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Everyone says that if you are in Goa don’t miss sunburn, beaches, and the beautiful churches.

But what should one do if the church itself is haunted? Yes, this church is said to be haunted because once there were 3 kings and there was a feud going on amongst 3 of them over the possession of the property and eventually ended up in killing each other.

It is said that the souls of 3 kings still roam around its premises, so if you are an undaunted person then definitely visit this earthy church.

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