6 ways to keep gut healthy
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Want to own a healthy gut?

Gut, a 3 lettered word but if our gut is in trouble then the whole day is ruined. Just imagine while attending your classes or on job suddenly your stomach starts paining or you get some unpleasant feeling in your stomach you rush to the washroom. And all of a sudden you find out "Oh! What would I do now? My stomach is upset".

This kind of situation is faced from almost every one of us in our lives and I guarantee you that you would have confronted gut related issues innumerable times.

Either you have loose motions or constipation in both the situations you feel uncomfortable, so how to get rid of this situation? You can navigate out 6 best solutions for gut related problems in this article, so let's let through those healthy 6 mantras:

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1. Say "yes" to fermented products

ways to have healthy gut
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Have you ever wondered why most of the health freaks mainly girls go after oats as their morning meal? They say that they want to keep themselves toned but in addition to that, they are having a healthy diet which is helping them to keep their gut happy.

Don’t worry oats is not the only boring thing left, to have a happy gut you can eat-barley, pulses, fruits and vegetables too, as they help in increasing the good bacteria in your tummy. And always remember that you must always include a fruit in your meal it helps in faster digestion too.

2. Intake of a probiotic product

ways to keep gut healthy
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Have you ever wondered why our mothers forced us to have 1 mini bowl of curd after our meal? They said this good advice for our gut's benefit and we, as usual, didn’t pay much attention to them.

But it’s a fact that yogurt and curd are the best and natural probiotic drinks that you could make at home too, so always remember to have a cup of yogurt or curd after your meal, because they infuse around 100 million of good bacteria's into your stomach.

3. Curb down red meat

ways for healthy gut
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This might be sad news for many, even I am disheartened but if you want to have a healthier stomach then either you quit or lessen the intake of red meat.

The raeson for that is, red meat takes a bit longer time to get digested and remember the point that whenever you opt for having meat pick a lean piece, not the thicker or the thickest one it would again take time in digesting it. And usually, every meat takes time to get digested as compared to your fruits and vegetables.

And in your list of red meat, it would include-Beef, mutton, pork, veal, and venison.

The good news for Indians is that you can't have beef, veal or venison or else people would roast and have you as their meal.

4. Have prebiotic food

ways for healthy gut
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Well, one option that we saw was probiotic, which helped in getting a happier belly, but when we come onto prebiotic they are not easily digested.

But the positive part of having these prebiotic foods is that once these prebiotic dishes get digested they tend to provide food for the good bacteria inside your gut. And along with that if you have prebiotic food you would have heavier stools.

So in the prebiotic food, you could have-banana, onion, garlic, onion, dandelion etc.

5. Cut down the sweetness

ways for healthy gut
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Yes, hard to follow, if you want to own a healthy gut then try doing it out (if not then it's okay because you have curd and yogurt to compensate).

Because the maltose and fructose found in food could affect your metabolism rate, so beware.

6. Look after alcohol level

ways to have healthy gut
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First of all, keep yourself hydrated with water and not with other alternatives like-carbonated drinks, alcohol, sweetened drinks (Appy and Frooti).

And if your alcohol intake increases then it would adversely affect your stomach.

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