Some things clearly don't work fine on their own and smartphone is a great example. They need to know what you prefer and sometimes that messes things up. So here are some tips to avoid them:

  1. Live wallpapers


Live wallpapers, though they look good are hard on the system. Do not use them unless you’re sure that your phone can take it. They take up a lot of memory and will surely slow your phone down.

  1. Restrict background data

restrict background data

Applications utilize internet in the background that in turn will make use of system resources to do so, taking up memory. To stop this, restrict background data so that apps do not work in the background. This will stop things such as syncing, back-ups and you may also not get notifications from the likes of Whatsapp and Snapchat unless you open them.

  1. Back them up on cloud

Cloud Dropbox z

You can backup things like your media and documents in the cloud to free up internal storage which will help your phone having more memory. If no storage issues, then probably no memory issues either. It is also easier to access the files anywhere as you can login your computer or any other device and access them.

  1. Change animation speeds


Developer options give you some more features like enabling debugging, how you handle recent apps and many more. One of these is the animation speed. Speeds of all types of animations can be changed, they can even be turned off. This may not increase the speed of your phone, though it will give you a sense of using a faster phone.

  1. Unnecessary radio waves

radio waves

Turn off radio waves when not required such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS when not in use. If your region does not support LTE/4G, set your preferred network type to 3G and you will see a significant increase in battery and also performance because they too utilize resources if you notice them or not.

  1. Install apps on internal storage


If your phone has expandable memory, it’s a good thing. The thing is, avoid installing applications on external memory such as memory cards. This may lead to your phone slowing down. The reason is that memory cards have significantly less read and write speeds as compared to internal memory.

  1. Disable ambient display

ambient display

Ambient display increases battery usage, despite less which may be noticeable. Also, it makes use of some memory to display information on the Always on Display. Wake up display also works in the same way (phone shows notifications when you pick it up).

  1. Fingerprint sensor

fingerprint scanner

Using the fingerprint sensor is way faster than entering your pin or password. In literal sense, it does make your phone seem faster! Also, its easier and better to use biometric authentication in place of traditional lock methods such as pins and patterns.

  1. Ad pop-ups

smartphone ads

Free applications have a tendency to display ads and they may utilize unnecessary memory. You may have experienced such things, while playing a game an ad pops up and redirects you to your browser for no reason whatsoever. So avoid doing that if possible, get paid versions if you can.

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