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Sometimes our smartphone doesn't work as it is supposed to, and hence some tweaking is required according to our own preferences which end up slowing our smartphone.

  1. Reduce animations

animations alter

If you have a launcher installed from the Play Store, it may have it’s own set of animations apart from the standard Android animations. The default launcher might also have some extra animations. You should scale them down or turn them off if possible for a better experience because they consume memory and may lead to your phone lagging.

  1. Adblocking


One more primary reasons of unwanted memory usage is pop ups while browsing. You might be watching your favorite video and suddenly an ad pops-up saying you have virus in your phone. To overcome this problem, you could install some adblock software or disable pop-ups for the time being.

  1. Default apps


Set defaults for each type of app such as launcher, browser, camera, etc. This will spare you the time to choose an application. There will be a break in the flow of the things working, making it seem slower.

  1. Don’t fill home screen


The merrier the home screen, the more memory it uses! Don’t have tons of applications lying around on your home screen. Make folders or something, or loading it up might take some resources from your system. Also it looks bad!

  1. Battery settings


If you want detailed information of battery utilization of applications, go to battery settings. Usually the application utilizing most battery also is the one using the most memory. In the application settings, you can also see it’s memory usage. Disable, uninstall or force stop it if not required depending upon your preference.

  1. Disable bloatware


The preinstalled apps can be a headache, such as Samsung has an alternate for every Google app there is. By default they cannot be uninstalled, hence the sensible thing to do is to disable them if you do not use them. It will take up resources if you don’t.

  1. Other launchers


Some launchers might be heavy on the smartphone. So if you’re experiencing your phone slowing down, maybe try and use a light launcher that is system friendly and does not require many resources and memory.

  1. Force restart

force reboot

If your phone does not respond and it freezes, the only thing that can be done is to force reboot your device, or else you let the battery drain out and wait for your phone to turn off. The former is a better option because you’ll have to wait out the drain in the later option. It can usually be done by holding down power and volume down button (or up in some devices).

  1. App updates over Wi-Fi

auto-update apps

Turn off app updates over mobile data and let them download only over Wi-Fi. This will result in less background usage and not download at any time of the day. They will only download if you’re connected to Wi-Fi.


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