Sharing and using GIFs has become a recent trend. Its integration with social media platforms has made it sprout exponentially. From using GIFs to comment on someone’s post to using GIFs in our own posts, we’ve all been there.

But this time, Music GIF provider TuneMoji has announced it’s integration with Snapchat, meaning that users will be able to share GIFs in their Snap story or forward them along their chats. Tunemoji has integration in almost all messaging apps. GIFs can be saved to favorites and expanded for a better look.

So what is different about TuneMoji?


In terms of functionality, it is pretty similar to Giphy. It has a searchable database of GIFs that can be found by phrases or emojis. Where it differs is, it’s features. It adds a music layer on top of the GIF, it can be music or an audio clipping. The audio along with the GIF is also put on a loop and repeats itself endlessly as long as the GIF stays up.

After searching and selecting the GIF, it can be shared via different platforms of your choice. So while tapping that share icon on your desired GIF, Snapchat also pops up as an option now.

snap kit

This integration was made possible via Snap kit (Snapchat’s developer kit) which was launched in June. The kit allows developers to integrate core features of the Snapchat in their app. But it comes with a limitation; GIFs cannot be searched and shared from the Snapchat app itself. For the following, you have to make use of the Tunemoji app to push-off these GIFs to Snapchat as stories or chats. Tunemoji’s CEO James Fabricant says that they are working on closer integration in apps for different social media platforms.

Nonetheless, you can make use of the app seamlessly with other apps and can share your favorite GIF with your favorite audio clipping.

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