Your smartphone sometimes does not work as it is supposed to, so you have to barge in and see it's working. Even some simple problems require your touch. Here are some tips to help you;

  1. Identify the problem


The first thing to solve any problem is to identify the problem. The problem can be in the hardware or in the software. To rule out the hardware part, download a diagnostic tool that will help you check each component of your phone by making use of different sensors from the Play Store. If everything is all right, the problem might persist in the form of software.

  1. Storage


Always keep the storage in mind, the more you have, the better. Less storage often results in slowing down of the phone so always have that in check so that you don’t run out of speed and storage on the most precious moments.

  1. Less widgets


Widgets take some time to load. So if you have a budget smartphone or your smartphone is slowing down, it is recommended that you use the least number of widgets on your homescreen. It is because every time your home screen comes on, those widgets will have to be refreshed and loaded. That takes up time and energy, hence one of the factors of slowing your phone down.

  1. Clear recent apps

recent apps

You can clear apps running in the background. You can do so by removing apps from the recents. They will utilize resources and if you’re not using them, then that’s just a waste of energy.

  1. Restart your device


If your phone hangs up or you get app crashes regularly, the best thing to do is restart your phone. It tends to solve all the problems. It will reboot the operating system and if the problem was caused due to some third-party application, it will most probably be fixed.

  1. Update your firmware

firmware update

Always keep your phone firmware up-to date. The updates come with bug fixes and patches which may have been reported by users using similar devices or spotted by the company. The patches are introduced due to some software errors or when some hardware configuration is required.

  1. App update latest

app updates

The same thing applies to app updates. The error might be due to it’s compatibility with different devices because all devices are not same. So some modification has to be made according to it, like if a phone has a notch, a cutout or something similar will have to be done to fix the issue. Also the new features are introduced in app updates.

  1. Factory wipe


If nothing works out, you can always Factory Data Reset your phone. It will wipe out your data and revert your settings back to the early days, when your device was brand new. It will fix all software problems as nothing would have been modified.

  1. App cache


If you’re low on storage and have done everything to free up space and have been unsuccessful, this is the way to go. Clear up cache and you might get some space. This is also not recommended to be done on a daily basis because apps require this to run and will keep on creating them if your clear them hence increasing memory usage.

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