momos in Delhi
MOMOS, for 4 or 5 years this word carries a lot of emotions in the hearts of we Delhites. To be precise momos/dimsums are actually gifted to us from Tibet and they are served to us both in vegetarian and non-vegetarian style and they are also available to you in both steamed and fried manner.

I could guarantee that 8 out of 10 kids definitely have momos twice or thrice a week and the reasons for me being so sure are:

  1. They are cheap (40-70 per plate)
  2. They are extremely tasty (when served with red chili sauce, which has got the power to get your nose running, along with mayonnaise)
  3. They are available to you in every corner (which means easy to access)

These are the 3 super reasons that you get so attached and attracted to momos. We all have tried the momos corner near our home, college, friend's home, boyfriend/girlfriend's home, bunking zones but do you know where can you get Delhi's best and tasty momos?

If no then this article is for you guys, through this article we are virtually going to take you through 5 momos paradise. And if you think that you know the best places then check whether these places are marked by you or not.

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1. Dolma Aunty's Momos

momos in Delhi

If you are a spicy lover and if you want to get your butt and tongues on fire then Dolma Aunty is the perfect spot for you.

She puts up her stall in Lajpat Nagar market and recently she has opened up another shop in Kamla Nagar Market.

I have marked this place on the top is because this place is known to all the dimsums and non dimsums lovers, if you ask any of the college-going or even a school kid that "from where can I get spicy and cheap dimsums?" the first name that comes up on your mind is this one then only you would think of Wow Momo and other spots.

And she serves this spicy heaven in just 50 rupees per plate.

2. D' Momo Factory

momos in Delhi

Other than ordering amongst steam, fried, vegetarian and non-vegetarian dimsums, and want to order from a plethora of options then this is the right place for you guys.

This place is available to you in Amar Colony, Moolchand. This place serves you with 40 vivid varieties of dimsums like:






And the list is on, so if you want to cherish your taste buds with these lovely spicy beauties then definitely visit this place along with your friends. And they even serve a platter so if you want to try all in one day go for it.

The starting price for 1 plate is 140 rupees.

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3. Chalte Firte

momos in Delhi

The meaning for this word in English is "wandering", so for all the wandering souls who want to hit their spicy taste bud with 100 varieties of momos then this is one of the perfect places for you people.

You can track down this place in Prashant Vihar. The trend that came some 1 year back was of tandoori momos, so if there is any diehard fan of tandoori dimsums then there is good news for you pals because they serve 10 varieties of tandoori dimsums.

And 1 plate would cost you 90 rupees which is affordable for every dimsums lover.

4. Variations Momos King

momos in Delhi

As we are going down the line the competition is like rising till now we have listed the places that offer you with 40 and 100 varieties of momos but this one has crossed all the bars, this place offers you with 200 varieties of dimsums and they guarantee that all of them are unique in its own way.

Why should non-vegetarians have all the fun? This place is exclusively for the vegans, they only serve vegan dimsums.

You can track down this place in Rohini Sector 6. And here 1 plate would cost you 90 rupees which are again feasible. So feast over these lovely vegan dimsums in different tastes.

5. Pema's

momos in Delhi

So at the end, dimsums are actually adopted from Tibet we Delhites just added few flavors to it. These Tibetans might know the best way to make their dimsums the best so let's take off to the Tibetan café.

You can reach out to this place in Shivalik Road, Malviya Nagar. And the positive point is that you could enjoy tasty soup along with your dimsums. And they serve you with both vegan and non-vegetarian; they even serve you with prawn.

In here 1 plate would cost you 130 rupees, which is pretty fine.

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