KTM is an Austrian bike manufacturing company founded in 1934. It develops bikes in alliance with Bajaj Motors in India. It's the best you can get for every penny you spend, despite it being 'costly'. You can expect an affordable price tag with a premium ride experience. It isn’t built for the fain hearted!

  1. Lightweight


The bike is well made with a lightweight frame. KTM prefers a dual tone shade for the frame which is soothing to eyes and at the same time, a head turner. The frame is perfectly balanced. The kerb weight is less and it feels, complete. The rear now exposes a lot more than before as compared to previous generations. The front frame almost remains same. The naked design is one of the best available on the streets.

  1. Raw performance


Calling KTM a powerful bike is an understatement. These bikes are capable of doing so much more. It can produce mad power and acceleration that any other bike of the corresponding segment is far from capable off. It even has a high compression ratio adding to the performance.

  1. Powerful headlamp


The headlamp is an all LED headlight in the Duke 390 which has been divided in two. The other KTMs too feature a powerful headlamp which gives you ample of visibility on the road at night. Some of them also come with AHO.

  1. Braking


The braking as compared to any other bike in this segment is extremely impressive. The 390 models come equipped with dual channel ABS that will just stop you where you brake.

  1. Console TFT


KTM’s consoles features everything there is, from gear indicator to the side stand, yes, you name it! It’s an all-digital console. With the RC and Duke 390, you can also pair up your smartphone via Bluetooth to the console and operate it using the buttons on the handle.

  1. Ride quality

Ride Ktm Bike Race Racer Adrenaline Motorcycle

The ride quality of the KTM is unparalleled, in terms of handling or power. Well, the seats aren’t very comfortable but you get used to it if you use it as a daily driver. The seats weren’t built to keep cruising in mind but the power well, that’s something else entirely. It is built for the best.

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