Who doesn't want a good functional vehicle? But to do so, you have to keep certain things in mind to take care of your car. Some of them are;

  1. Engine healthy

Engine Classic Chevrolet Corvette Sports Car

Keep your engine in good condition and drive carefully keeping the engine in mind. Service your vehicle regularly when required. Also do an overall body and mileage checks regularly. Get your vehicle cleaned and ready to go at all times.

  1. Shifting when required

gear shift

Shift your gears properly. Don’t shift at too low RPM or too high RPM, shift at a nominal rate, don’t be aggressive. If you’re on a high gear, your engine will have a lot of load on it and on a low gear, your engine might also get totaled if not noticed.

  1. Braking properly


Braking and speeding don’t fit together. If you’re driving fast, it means you’ll have to break hard when required, and this is not good for your car. You might also experience sudden jerks due to the fact that you're driving fast and braking.

  1. Foot off the clutch


Keep your foot off the clutch unless and until while shifting gears or else it will wear out the clutch plate. Pressing the clutch partially will cause more friction with the clutch plate, hence destroying it.

  1. Clean air filters

air filter

Your air filter is a line of defense for your engine’s air intake. It stops dust, bugs, dirt and many more things from entering the engine. After a while, it get’s clogged up; hence cleaning it regularly is a good option or else it will affect the air intake of the engine which will result in more fuel usage and decrease in engine performance.

  1. Tire pressure

tire pressure

Always check the air pressure of your car’s tires. If the pressure is even slightly above or below the recommended limit, there will unevenness in the drive which may also result in a fatal injury. Also check for punctures and the life of the tire, as they may wear out pretty soon depending on your usage and handling.

  1. Running tank on low fuel

low fuel

Don’t run your car on low fuel. It might result air getting trapped inside the fuel chamber resulting in less combustion and congestions. That will cost you a lot, so better is have some extra liters of fuel on hand to avoid the damage.

  1. Hand off the gear


Resting your hand on the gear will cause more wear and tear on the gear lever. Friction does it’s work and lead to the gear teeth being prematurely worn out. Also if in an emergency, you have to make a split decision, you should have both your hands on the driving wheel to save yourself.

  1. Revving unnecessarily


Revving unnecessarily won’t do you or your engine any good. If you were to run just after you woke up, you wouldn’t be able to. You’d surely pull a muscle or something! The same applies to your engine, when switching it ON, let it get warm, don’t rev.

  1. Engine lights

engine lights

Always keep the engine lights in check. Keep the oil, handbreak and other engine lights in mind when starting your car. If your car engine requires to be coiled before starting it, let it take it’s time. Then hit the ignition and start your car.


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