About Twitch

Twitch was introduced as a Livestream platform for the gamers. An initial of Amazon started in June 2011, Twitch started growing in 2014 February like any other platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. but specifically into gaming genre. Twitch has now peaked the list of having most subscriptions and viewers. The streamers earn money by the same method. Many people still don't know about it but if you're into gaming then you must've streamed few gamers on twitch, or atleast heard the name.

Here are the most popular gamers on Twitch who make money from gaming.

1) Ninja

• Richard Tyler Blevins, 27 years old, commonly known as Ninja or Ninjashyper is the most popular personality on Twitch right now. Ninja has 10.3 million followers and more than 2 billion channel views so far. He has earned the title of best player of Fortnite in the world. Ninja started his career from playing Halo, H1Z1 and League of Legends but now mostly dedicating his 5 to 6 days-a-week time to one single game, Fortnite.

2) Shroud

• Michael Grzesiek, 23 years old, commonly known as Shroud, is a top-tier professional Counter Strike player. He played for gaming community called Cloud9 and has won few popular titles as a team. He gained popularity from games like CS:GO, H1Z1, Tom Clancy's The Division, PUBG, etc. Shroud usually livestream whenever he plays. Mostly focusing on PUBG, Shroud has now more than 7 million followers and about 2 billion channel views so far on Twitch.

3) Syndicate

• Tom Cassell is a well-known gamer on Twitch as well as on Youtube. He is commonly known as Syndicate. Tom has 2.7 million followers on Twitch and his Youtube channel TheSyndicateProject is one of the most subscribed channels. Tom was the first person to reach 1 million followers on Twitch in August 2014. He plays Call of Duty, Minecraft, Black Ops III, Tom Clancy's The Division and CS:GO. He also has his own merchandise community by the name Syndicate Original.

4) DrDisRespectLIVE

• DrDisRespect aka Guy Beahm, is one of the the most popular and entertaining personality on Twitch. Currently holds 3 million followers, having 1 billion channel views so far, DrDisRespect is also called the 'Face Of Twitch'. To give his time to family, Guy left the gaming world for sometime in late 2017 but he made a huge comeback with getting 390,000 views on his return livestream. Guy Beahm has now won a few honorable titles in Gaming but still doesn't have an entry in Wikipedia!

5) summit1g

• Jaryd Lazar, aka summit1g, is one the best gamers of this year. Jaryd mostly plays around 35 hours a week, dedicating his whole time earning through streaming. This is his full-time job. Summit1g gained the most followers in January, 2018. He has 3.2 million subscribers on Twitch and more than 2.3 billion channel views so far. Summit1g is currently dominating games like Counter Strike, PUBG and Fortnite.

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