Some people say "everybody is beautiful" or "there is beauty in everything" - honestly I don't understand why they lie like that! Is it because people like to hear it? People like to believe in such lies which makes them feel somehow good about themselves. What beauty is there in a dead body or in a person with a broken, bleeding nose or in a marshy, damp landscape? Personally I don't believe everything and everybody is beautiful. I don't understand why anybody needs to be anyways.
Beauty is awfully overrated. It has always been. People don't have any problem accepting that they are not just as intelligent or hard working as the next person, in fact some people take pride in their laziness. People happily accept they're not strong enough to lift 5 kilos in the gym. Hell, many people dont even go to the gym because they don't care about their strength. Beauty, like intelligence, memory, strength and other things, is just another attribute. So why get so offended when not called beautiful? Why pay so much attention to it, when we don't care as much about our other attributes??
If I say that beauty doesn't matter then that'd be as big a lie as is telling that everyone is beautiful. Beauty does matter, but it is not everything. If I have a big pimple on the tip of my nose, I will feel self-conscious and underconfident but will my friends treat me any differently? Will my mother not talk to me because of that pimple? Will that boy who likes me, stop liking me? Will anybody think lowly of me? All they'd see, is that I have a funny pimple, and they'll stop noticing it after a while, thats all! Same goes for people who are not that beautiful - they are not seen any differently than the others. It is we, ourselves who think that others attach as much importance to our beauty as we do. But they don't!! Do you, yourself attach any importance to the person you're talking to or sitting next to or you're friends with, being beautiful or not? If you don't, then why would others?

People who know us, to them, only whats inside of us matters. We don't choose the way we look but we do choose the way we behave with others, the way we speak, the colour of lipstick we choose to put on today. We choose our attitudes and our personalities. People judge us by what we choose to become, not by something that is not for us to choose.
So all of us are not beautiful on the outside, but all of us can be beautiful from the inside. And that is the only kind of beauty that we should strive for.

- Sreejani Ghosh

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